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The cytoskeleton is a complex organizational nexus that provides far more than just structural support for the cell. While its name may imply a rigid and immutable structure, the cytoskeleton is actually a dynamic interconnected network of filamentous proteins interacting with hundreds of different molecular motors, cross-linkers, and cargo containing vesicles.

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The cytoskeleton plays a pivotal role in nearly every cellular process. Cancer researchers studying cell cycle progression and tumorigenesis, neuroscientists researching axon guidance and synaptic function, and immunologists investigating T-cell activation and cytokine signaling all require a deeper fundamental understanding of cytoskeletal structure and function.

Due to the ubiquitous involvement of the cytoskeleton in cellular structure and function, many cytoskeletal proteins also rank among the most well characterized cellular components with regards to their expression profile and subcellular localization. This allows researchers to utilize these proteins as canonical organelle and tissue markers. These markers provide an opportunity to rapidly identify structures and generate accurate and dependable localization data.

High-quality, proven antibodies against Lamin A/C like ABIN335390 can be used to generate stunning immunofluorescence images clearly marking the nuclear lamina (Figure 1), labeling cytokeratin 14 with antibody ABIN335329 characteristically differentiates basal cells from surrounding epithelial tissue (Figure 2), and staining FFPE colon tissue with Vimentin antibody ABIN335271 allows clear, precise differentiation between mesenchymal connective tissue and the surrounding epithelia (Figure 3).

Fig. 1 ABIN335390 Fig. 2 ABIN335329 Fig. 3 ABIN335271
Human Colon, Frozen Swine Epithelial Tissue, Frozen Swine Colon, FFPE

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