More than 1,650 recombinant proteins from Acrobiosystems are available through

Acrobiosystems and antibodies-online announce global distribution collaboration

antibodies-online has announced a new partnership with US based reagent manufacturer Acrobiosystems. Headquartered in Newark/DE, Acrobiosystems is an international leader in recombinant protein industry, specializing in production of high quality biomarkers for drug discovery. Their latest focus centers on supporting researchers who study the emerging field of cancer immunotherapy. The company recently launched an exclusive immune checkpoint product line that includes all currently identified checkpoint proteins from humans and common model organisms used in cancer research. These products are carefully designed and rigorously tested to meet high standards of reagent quality demanded by professionals involved in pharmaceutical research and development.

Immunology researchers will take particular interest in Acrobiosystems´ line of ActiveMax® cytokines. ActiveMax® cytokines are produced in Human cells (HEK293). They bear the closest resemblance to native human cytokines with regards to post-translational modification and functional activity, and offer the best possible fidelity for researchers studying immune response. Acrobiosystems´ portfolio also includes a collection of biotin-labeled recombinant proteins and a series of Fc receptor proteins, specifically tailored and optimized for antibody screening and assay development.

The recent distribution agreement allows antibodies-online to feature and distribute more than 1,650 products produced by Acrobiosystems. Regarding this arrangement, Dr. Andreas Kessell, co-founder of antibodies-online said: “We are very pleased to welcome Acrobiosystems to our supplier network. We’ve known for some time that Acrobiosystems recombinant proteins have a stellar reputation among researchers, and we are sure that our customers will appreciate the high-quality data and extensive QC measures associated with the recombinant proteins that Acrobiosystems produces.”

Mike Chen, President and CEO of Acrobiosystems, also expressed enthusiasm regarding the recent partnership: “We are very excited about this collaboration. We know antibodies-online is a world-class protein expert with a team of true professionals. We’re very confident that they will make ACRO’s products more available to a wider customer base. Considering how fast the drug development business is growing around the world today, we believe that the potential of this collaboration is huge.”

Acrobiosystems products are immediately available for purchase at /www.antibodies-online. Customers who have any questions regarding Acrobiosystems products are encouraged to contact antibodies-online for more information ( We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types