96 Stereospecific Detection Technologies products now available on antibodies-online

antibodies-online now lists 96 Stereospecific Detection Technologies products. After the recently concluded agreement, antibodies-online now offers 96 SDT products globally.
The “keystone” product is Poly-HRP, an improved homopolymer HRP label. According to the number of HRP units, HRP20, HRP40 and HRP80 are available. It is used for manufacturing ultrasensitive detection reagents for products such as ELISA, Western Blotting, and IHC. The Poly-HRP conjugates are used in the same way as the usual HRP conjugates, as for example in ELISA. Due to the numerous HRP molecules in contrast to the usual HRP alternatives, the signal is stronger. Furthermore, they are specialised in providing evidence of HRP activities in immunoassays (different TMB substrates and further immunoassay reagents). In order to make the product more accessible, heteropolymers (e.g. with Streptavidin) are also available. We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types