New reagents from an industry power-house: antibodies-online now offers 1,237 products from WuXi Biosciences, a WuXi Apptec subsidiary

In 2014, the global pharmaceutical and bioscience research organization WuXi Apptec opted to spin-off a reagent production subsidiary. The new company, WuXi Biosciences, aimed to leverage the research and development capacity of its parent company to develop a host of high-quality, validated life science reagents designed to propel academic and industry life-science research forward.

antibodies-online is pleased to announce that we recently formed a strategic partnership with WuXi biosciences to permit distribution of WuXi bioscience research reagents to our customers in the United States and in selected European countries. Interested customers can locate, compare, and purchase 1,237 WuXi biosciences antibodies, proteins, isotype controls and accessory reagents through the antibodies-online digital marketplace We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types