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AllerMAbs, uses proprietary knock-in mice to generate Chimeric Human antibodies against common allergens for research and sero-diagnostic use.

  • The IgE-mediated adaptive immune precedes clinical symptoms of allergy (sneezing, itching, runny nose, etc.).
  • Current standards used for detection & antigenic profiling of the IgE-mediated immune response are composed of mixed serum & plasma from human donors
  • This process of collection is labor intensive and expensive, and there is relatively low batch-to-batch consistency and questionable antigen specificity in these samples
  • AllerMAbs has pioneered a unique method of generating chimeric human monoclonal IgE antibodies through a proprietary knock-in mouse model & conventional hybridoma technology
  • The result is a universally-consistent, well-validated chimeric human IgE antibody with exceptional specificity for individual antigens.

See all AllerMAbs antibodies against allergens like Der P1 (dust mite), Ovalbumin (egg), Papain, and BetV1 (Birch pollen)

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