Current publications

Read on to find out about the use of our antibodies in current research publications.
Antigen Antibodies Publication Related Antibodies
AMACR anti-human AMACR antibodies Journal of Clinical Pathology
CD45RO anti-human CD45RO antibodies Stem Cells
CD105 CD105 antibodies Gastric Cancer
Ki-67 anti-human Ki-67 antibodies (Polyklonal) Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry sowie Neuroscience
  anti-human Ki-67 antibodies (Monoklonal)  Neoplasia  
Neurofilament anti-human Neurofilament L&H antibodies Acta paediatrica
Myelin Basic Protein
anti-human MBP antibodies International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience More MBP antibodies
Mismatch Repair Protein
Mismatch Repair Protein (MSH2) antibodies International Journal of Colorectal Disease
 MSH6 MSH6 antibodies  International Journal of Colorectal Disease 
 MLH-1 MLH-1 antibodies International Journal of Colorectal Disease