PreOmics’ iST Sample Preparation Kit now available!

antibodies-online welcomes our newest supplier PreOmics - the iST Sample Preparation Kit is now available in our shop.

Sample preparation is one of the essential steps of bottom-up proteomics. The PreOmics sample preparation kit is designed to assist you achieving best results with few sample preparation steps and little hands-on time. It facilitates multiple types of analysis and is unmatched by competitor products - beating them in specificity as well as reactivity. The kit is suitable for proteome discovery, validation of biosimilars and body fluid analysis.

The PreOmics iST Kit is based on the in-StageTip (iST) method enabling sample preparation in a single, enclosed volume. This robust procedure largely eliminates sample contamination or loss and is easily scalable. The kit performs highly reproducible preparation from Urine, Cell, Plasma, Serum and Tissue Samples to clean peptide mixtures with protein starting amounts ranging from 1 µg to 100 µg. Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and immunoprecipitation (IP) samples are processed as well, simply use the adapted protocol available. The ultrafast sample preparation is another big advantage of the iST Kit, the samples are in hour ready for LC-MS measurements, the total workflow takes less than 2.5 hours.

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