Detection of Breast Cancer Resistance Protein (BCRP)

The monoclonal anti-human BCRP antibody (Clone BXP-21) is being used in numerous publications for the detection of Breast Cancer Resistance Protein (BCRP) (ABCG2, CD338) via Immunohistochemistry and Western Blotting. Here you may find the most current publications, in which anti-BCRP Antibody (BXP-21) has been employed:
Publication Application
Naoto Nakamichi et al -Synergistic effect of interleukin-6 and endoplasmic reticulum stress inducers on the high level of ABCG2 expression in plasma cells - Laboratory Investigation (2009) 89, 327–336 -
Hui Peng et al - A Novel Two Mode-Acting Inhibitor of ABCG2-Mediated Multidrug Transport and Resistance in Cancer Chemotherapy - PLoS ONE 4(5): e5676 Western Blotting
Orsolya Polgar et al - The 315–316 deletion determines the BXP-21 antibody epitope but has no effect on the function of wild type ABCG2 or the Q141K variant - Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Volume 322, Numbers 1-2 / February, 2009 Western Blotting (1:250)
Orsolya Polgar et al - Arginine 383 is a crucial residue in ABCG2 biogenesis - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes. Volume 1788, Issue 7, July 2009, Pages 1434-1443 Western Blotting (1:250)
L Salphati, EG Plise, G Li - Expression and activity of the efflux transporters ABCB1, ABCC2 and ABCG2 in the human colorectal carcinoma cell line LS513 - European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Volume 37, Issues 3-4, 28 June 2009, Pages 463-468 Western Blotting
Elvis Terci Valera et al - Pediatric glioblastoma cell line shows different patterns of expression of transmembrane ABC transporters after in vitro exposure to vinblastine - Child's Nervous System. Volume 25, Number 1 / January, 2009 Immunohistochemistry
Matthew W. Wilson et al - Expression of the Multi-Drug Resistance Proteins and the Pregnane X Receptor in Treated and Untreated Retinoblastoma - Current Eye Research, 1460-2202, Volume 34, Issue 5, 2009, Pages 386 – 394 Immunohistochemistry

For detecting Breast Cancer Resistance Proteins (BCRP) via flow cytometry (FACS) please use this antibody: BCRP antibody (Clone BXP-53). Michaelis et al employ this anti-BCRP antibody in their current article in Cancer Research.