Y-box-1 Protein (YB-1): Extracellular Expression in inflammatory diseases

Y-box-1 Protein (YB-1) takes part in gene transcription and in processing Ribonucleic acid (RNA). Extracellular functions of YB-1 are unknown so far. In their current article (EMBO Reports, Open Access) Björn Frye et al. show that YB-1 is indeed being secreted by cells. The secretion follows a pattern, which has been observed for HMGB1, IL-1beta or MIF in the past (See Live Imaging Videos). The extracellular expression of YB-1 stimulates proliferation as well as cell migration.
This polyclonal YB-1 antibody is being used in the article for Western Blotting (1:1.000): »Show YB-1 antibody (N-Term)