The Spot-System: Next Generation Immunoprecipitation of Fusion Proteins

The Spot-Trap is an affinity resin for fast and effective immunoprecipitation and affinity purification.It is the first peptide-tag specific Nanobody for capture & detection. The Spot-System combines the advantages of both Spot-Nanobody and Spot-Tag. The Spot-Tag has an affinity-optimized 12 amino acid sequence to be strongly bind to the Spot-Nanobody. It it possible to attach the tag N-terminal or C-terminal to the protein of interest either by PCR or using modified primers or by using a specialised Spot vector. Bacteria, yeast, mammalian cell lines, and insect cells have already successfully been tested as expression system for Spot-tagged proteins.

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Spot-Trap Competitors Immunoprecipitation
Similar to the well known GFP-Trap from Chromotek, customers can use the Spot-Tag constructs for immunoprecipitation and affinity purification. The Spot-Tag is considerably smaller than GFP providing more flexibility to locate the tag and less impact on protein. In comparison to competitors immunoprecipitations Spot-Trap Agarose and Magnetic Agarose show almost no background signals (fig.:1) . Spot-Traps do not only lack heavy and light chain antibody contaminations but also unspecific binding.

Optimized for biochemical analysis of Spot-tagged proteins and their interacting partners the Spot-System is the ideal tool for your next protein study!


• Robust & stable

• Higher affinity

• Less background

• Less unspecific binding

• High resolution