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CD14: Antibodies for functional studies

is a surface protein, which is primarily expressed by monocytes and Macrophages. binds as well as apoptotic cells. plays a role in the immune response towards . At you may now find a number of new anti-CD14 antibodies, which have been tested for numerous applications. Among other applications these antibodies can be used for functional studies, e.g. inhibition of CD14.

Monoclonal, anti-human CD14 antibodies:
CD14 antibody (Clone BiG10) (Cited in 2 publications in 2009), CD14 antibody (Clone BiG13), CD14 antibody (Clone BiG14), CD14 antibody (Clone RoMo-1), CD14 antibody (Clone BiG4), CD14 antibody (Clone BiG57), CD14 antibody (Clone BiG53)

Polyclonal, anti-human CD14 antibody: CD14 antibody

Polyclonal, anti-mouse CD14 antibody: CD14 antibody