Arbor Assays (USA): New supplier on antibodies-online

have their headquarters in Michigan and now offer CLIA kits, biochemical assays, and a range of antibodies on Examples of the popular products, with supperior sensitivity are the CLIA kits for cAMP, cGMP, PGE2, cortisol, corticosterone, progesterone, PGFM and GSH. Here you can find an overview of .

The cAMP and cGMP assays measure plasma, tissue, urine and saliva samples. They allow cells to be lysed and added to the assay in one step. With very small sample volumes, such as with rare cells and tissues the CLIA assays allow cAMP and cGMP to be measured with minimal sample volumes.

The CLIA kits specifically designed to measure oxidative stress are some of the most sensitive and easy to use products. The fluorescent glutathione kit allows both reduced and total GSH to be measured in the same sample in one well. It is the most sensitive GSH kit on the market. They allow to measure reduced GSH first followed by the total GSH.

For pharmaceutical companies and universities alike the kits for measuring both acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase are popular and allow measurements of activity in a wide range of samples, including CSF samples.

Zoos and researchers working with rodents where getting samples can be a problem appreciate the kits for non-invasive monitoring of stress and reproductive function. The kits for cortisol, corticosterone, progesterone, and PGFM are all designed to allow measurement of these analytes in urine or fecal matter and have been extensively used.