Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is an integral, heat stable part of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. As such it is ubiquitous in the environment and also present in many reagents used in the life sciences. LPS’s synonym, endotoxin, hints at immunologic stimulant's ability to induce proinflammatory cytokines in vivo leading to severe potentially lethal reactions.

In the life-science research community, reproducibility and reagent quality are the two hulking elephants in the room. Recent estimates place global waste from poor quality proteomics reagents at nearly a billion dollars, with more than $350,000,000 in waste from the US alone.1 That’s enough money to fund 1400 full modular R01 grants annually. Still, change in the life-science reagent market is slow, incremental, and can be profoundly frustrating. Antibodies-online is working with our global supplier base to reshape the proteomics marketplace, improving transparency and data quality through several key initiatives.