5th & 6th November 2012, Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London

5th Annual Conference on Cell-Based Assays

Cell-Based Assays 2012 aims to show you the most recent developments to in assay technology to date. 3D cell culture is widely being touted as increasingly essential as this technique can with greater accuracy re-create in vivo behaviour, offering highly physiologically accurate interactions with molecules.
This year we will also investigate the latest techniques in label free assay technology and how this technology is being applied to monitor a wide array of target types including GPCRs, Kinases and protein-ligand interactions.

Reasons why you should attend:

  • Observe case studies of new techniques and technologies used in cell based assays.
  • See the most up to date research on 3D cell culture, and why this technique is physiologically more accurate than traditional 2D culture.
  • The use of stem cells in drug discovery and drug screening.
  • Primary cell assays – progress in primary cell isolation and culture.
  • The latest development in ion channels – how can they be used therapeutically in use as drug targets.


  • Label free detection of cell activation and cell adhesion
  • Anker Jon Hansen, Scientific Director, Novo Nordisk

  • Comparison of different 3D cell culture models for their application in high throughput screening.
  • Rosalia Arrebola, Scientist, Lead Identification Technologies & Kinases, Sanofi Aventis

  • Roles of ion channels in cell-based drug discovery — New strategies and techniques enabling attrition reduction strategies.
  • David Standing, Senior Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline

  • Immortality breeds deceit: How is screening in primary cells has uncovered misleading data from cell lines common to therapeutic discovery
  • Nathan Bays, Research Fellow and Team Lead, High Throughput Flow Cytometry and Cell Biology, Merck & Company
  • Implementation of relevant cellular in vitro assays in support of preclinical candidate nominations
  • Ilona Kariv, Director in Vitro Pharmacology and Cellular Pharmacology, Merck & Co
  • Design of end-point high throughput screening assays to monitor dynamic processes
  • Robin Kettler, Group Leader, University College London
  • Quantitative GPCR and ion channel transcriptomics in primary alveolar macrophages and macrophage surrogates
  • Paul Groot-Kormelink, Investigator III Ion Channels, Asthma & CF, Novartis
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