16th & 17th September 2013, Marriott Hotel, Regents Park, London

The Geriatric Safe Medicines Summit 2013

Clinical research in geriatric patient populations requires the adaptation of traditional clinical procedures in research studies. A relatively new area of research, geriatric patient studies requires a collaboration between many different stakeholders within this field to identify and overcome the challenges involved in recruiting, treating and retaining study subjects.

Join SMi as we look to address these issues with new and innovative thinking and approaches that are being applied to geriatric clinical studies.

  • Discover the benefits of performing clinical trials in older people
  • Identify the key challenges and considerations when conducting clinical trials in older people
  • Address reasons for clinical trial retention difficulties
  • Discuss how modelling and simulation along with new patient reporting systems support clinical trials in older people
  • Explore new market gaps and discover new market strategy
  • Focus on the EMA geriatric medicines strategy

  • www.smi-online.co.uk/geriatricsummit30.asp