Cancer Research: Recent publication investigating promising anti-cancer molecule cites use of three Human Cytokine ELISA kits available through antibodies-online

Oridonin is a tetracycline diterpentoid extracted from the Chinese herb Rabidosia rubescens. Recent research suggests that oridonin displays promising anti-tumorigenic and anti-inflammatory properties both in vivo and in vitro (Zhou et al., 2007; Wang YY et al., 2014).
In a recent study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, Chen et al. demonstrate that oridonin treatment mediates inflammatory cytokine pathways, significantly reducing secretion of inflammatory cytokines by pancreatic cancer cells in vitro (Chen et al., 2014).
Researchers used three ELISA kits, available at antibodies-online, to measure the concentration of inflammatory cytokines: IL-33 ELISA kit (ABIN457022), IL-6 ELISA kit (ABIN365163), and IL-1B ELISA kit (ABIN365160) in culture supernatant from human pancreatic cancer (BxPC-3) cells.
In each case, oridonin treatment resulted in a marked decrease in the release of inflammatory cytokine molecules when compared to untreated (control) cells.

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