Chromotek GFP-Traps have been cited in more than 600 recent peer-reviewed publications!

Chromotek GFP-traps, available at antibodies-online, offer researchers a fast and efficient method for isolation of GFP-tagged fusion proteins. The simple alpaca-antibody based system has made a big splash in the research community.

The Chromotek GFP-trap (ABIN509397) is renowned for its simplicity, ease of use, and its ability to generate exceptional pull-down and co-immunoprecipitation data quickly and efficiently. Researchers have embraced Chromotek's novel alpaca-antibody based solution for isolation of fluorescently tagged fusion proteins, and the results are evident in the extensive publication record accrued by GFP-trap system.

Check out the widely cited GFP-Trap (ABIN509397) or RFP-Trap (ABIN509408) available immediately at antibodies-online!

Note: The Nano-trap system isn't just for fluorescent proteins. Antibodies-online also offers versatile Chromotek Nano-traps for isolation of DNMT-1 (ABIN1082205), GST (ABIN11882203), MDM4 (ABIN1889486), and p53 (ABIN1889479).

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