antibodies-online Independent Validation Initiative cited in Nature review on antibody quality

Independent Validation Badge

antibodies-online, the world’s largest proteomics reagent distributor, was recently cited in the Nature News Feature Blame it on the antibodies, written by Monya Baker. The article, which highlights many of the persistent issues that researchers face with regards to locating and procuring high-quality proteomics reagents, mentions the antibodies-online sponsored independent validation initiative during a discussion about various proactive industry measures designed to remediate quality control concerns.

The two-year old independent validation initiative matches proteomics reagents (e.g. antibodies and ELISA kits) with independent, established laboratories in the US and Europe. These laboratories then test the reagent for efficacy and function in common research applications using established protocols and controls. Validated reagents are awarded a badge and a unique identification number and the complete laboratory report, including figures and a detailed protocol, is published for consumers to review.

Dr. Stefan Pellenz, who directs independent validation efforts at antibodies-online, was enthused about the recent coverage of this project. “We’re thrilled that an honest, open discussion antibody validation and quality control is finally gaining traction among researchers. We think that the independent validation initiative has great potential, and we hope that more press will help convince additional suppliers to submit products for validation.”

Dr. Tim Hiddemann, co-founder and managing director of antibodies-online, also spoke recently about the independent validation initiative. “We are quite proud of the IVI. We think that it brings an unprecedented degree of transparency and validity to a historically opaque market.”

The IVI is designed to alleviate a tremendous burden on researchers, helping them to easily find products whose performance they can be sure of. The project is part of a lofty, broad goal held by the Aachen, Germany based reagent distributor. “Our aim,” said Dr. Hiddemann, “is to fundamentally improve the way that proteomics reagents are identified, purchased, and used.”

Interested parties can learn more about the independent validation initiative or see a list of validated products at antibodies-online.