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Endothelin B receptor mediates the endothelial barrier to T cell homing to tumours and disables immune therapy

The tumour endothelium prevents homing and hinders tumour immunotherapy, as a research team from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) reports.

The scientists analysed microdissected tumour from human and found genes that could be linked to absence or presence of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes. If the gene encoding the was overexpressed, tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes were absent and the patients' survival time was rather short. BQ-788, an inhibitor of , led to increased adhesion to in vitro. This effect was due to blockage of () or treatment with NO donors.

BQ-788 also neutralised in vivo, leading to increased homing to tumours. It was which caused the improved homing and enabled tumour response to usually ineffective immunotherapy in vivo. The molecule did not change the systemic antitumour immune response.

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