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DNA Oxidation is Triggered by H3K9me2 Demethylation and Drives Estrogen-Induced Gene Expression

In a recent paper, Bruno Perillo and Maria Neve Ombra from the Instituto di Scienze dell'Alimentazione in Italy present a strategy that uses controlled damage and repair to guide sites of gene transcription.

Efficient in vivo transcription is accompanied by N-terminal modifications of nucleosomal histones. The scientists analyzed how estrogen-responsive gene expression is controlled by H3 histone methylation and demethylation.They demonstrate that an bound to can regulate transcription by participating in bending chromatin to contact the recruited to the promoter. In this process, demethylase causes receptor-targeted demethylation of at both enhancer and promoter sites. The demethylation process produces hydrogen peroxide and modifies the surrounding . and are recruited, whereby chromatin and undergo conformational changes that are essential for estrogen-induced gene transcription.

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