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Endogenous human microRNAs that suppress breast cancer metastasis

A set of microRNAs were discovered to be general regulators of cancer metastasis. Scientist from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (USA) now demonstrated, how restoring the expression of these microRNAs in malignant cells can suppress lung and bone metastasisation of human cancer cells in vivo.
Of the microRNAs, miR-335 suppresses metastasis and migration by targeting the progenitor cell transcription factor SOX4 and extracellular matrix component . miR-126 reduces tumour growth and proliferation. The Expression of miR-335 and miR-126 is lost in most primary breast tumours of relapsing cancer patients. Loss of either microRNA is linked to poor survival.

The microRNAs miR-335 and miR-126 are therefore metastasis suppressors of human breast cancer.

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