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Semaphorin and neuropilin co-expression in motoneuronssets axon sensitivity to environmental semaphorin sources during motor axon pathfinding

Overexpression of () causes defasciculation and excessive growth of motor axons into normally non-permissive territories, as a study conducted by scientist from the University of Lyon in France concludes. They also state that motoneuronal is required for correct spinal nerve compaction and dorsal motor axon extension.

Class 3 semaphorins are intercellular guiding cues for migrating cells and axons, secreted by the surrounding tissues in the developing organism. They are essential for the formation of nerves and vasculature. The scientists observed expression in motoneurons during spinal nerve development. The study uncovered how the growth cone's level of sensitivity to exogenous Sema3A exposure is influenced by expression in motoneurons. This regulation is linked to the availability of the receptor at the growth cone surface.

Apparently, in motoneurons enables them to grow more or less far away from the repulsive signals given by exogenous . This interplay between intrinsic and extrinsic seems to be an important factor in the accurate specification of axon pathways.

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