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Pyogenic Bacterial Infections in Humans with MyD88 Deficiency

Scientists from mainly French and Spanish universities and institutes recently described an extraordinary situation within a natural setting of human infection. Nine children, carrying an autosomal recessive deficiency, suffered from pyogenic bacterial infections. The infections were life-threatening and often recurred, among them invasive pneumococcal disease.

is a downstream adaptor for most () and (). Both are required for identification of pathogens and immune reactions. In infection experiments with mice, deficiency caused increased sensitivity to a wide spectrum of pathogens.

The nine children were, besides their deficiency, healthy and showed normal resistance to other microbes. Their clinical status improved when they grew older, but apparently not due to improvement of deficiency on a cellular level. The -dependent and are therefore indispensable for protective immunity against a few pyogenic bacteria but not for defence against most natural infections.

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