”Developments in Real-time PCR – From Preanalytics to Molecular Diagnostics”

TATAA Biocenter qPCR symposium

This event will be held in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic.
The symposium will consist of two days of scientific sessions and industrial exhibition and both pre- and post symposium workshops. Besides interesting talks about the new developments in real-time qPCR research, special focus in this symposium will be on preanalytics and standardization, as well as molecular diagnostics with a separate track on Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs).
Many world leaders, including Dr Russell Higuchi, who invented qPCR in 1993, are participating, and several of them will further interact with the participants through pre- and post symposium courses including the unique invited speakers’ course.
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Symposium Focus:
* Preanalytics - Sample preparation, extraction and purification
* Standardization and quality control; MIQE guidelines
* Experimental design and data analysis
* Molecular diagnostics of complex diseases, detection and profiling of circulating tumor cells
* High throughput expression profiling
* Digital PCR and copy number variations
* Epigenetics and mutation analysis
* Single cell expression profiling
* MicroRNAs and non-coding RNAs

Key speakers:
* Uwe Oelmueller – Preanalytics
* Russel Higuchi – qPCR
* Klaus Pantel – CTC’s
* Mikael Kubista – Single cell qPCR
* Mario Pazzagli – Preanalytics

And many more