22.-23. November 2011, Dessau

Conference: Vaccines and Biologics

The way from product development to manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals, Biosimilars and Biologics is complex, time-consuming and risky.
The product development business is expected to provide long-term revenues, which could be significant for blockbusters on the market, even for biopharmaceuticals. Especially the pharmaceutical industry’s strategy to retreat operationally from this market segment should encourage small and mid-sized biopharmaceutical companies to look for convincing and profitable product candidates.

Furthermore, this development provides contract manufacturers with good prospects for developing and manufacturing biological products. The time aspect should not be underestimated – 8-12 years from the beginning to product launch is a general rule. What are the possibilities to speed up and optimise the process of development to manufacturing? Do modern methods in analysis and microbiology provide the chance to save time and costs? Further, are QbD and Process Validation benefits or constraints?

This conference will help to find answers.

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