Fleming Europe in Vienna, Feb. 2 - 3, 2012

Conference: Data Management in Clinical Trials

Ensuring the high quality of your clinical data in an era of cost cutting: With 20 - 35% of millions of euros being invested in multinational clinical trials being spent on data management, this sector is one of the most important assets of large Pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations.
However, challenges connected with widespread technologies like electronic data capture and the shift of clinical data management from the west to the east, have brought many changes to the way in which professionals deal with clinical data. The “Data Management in Clinical Trials” conference organized by Fleming Europe in Vienna provides an exclusive multi-stakeholder platform to discuss the future of data management in this era of financial constraints and provide you with global knowledge on the most current data management issues:
  • Are we on a way to universal CDISC adoption? - case studies by Novartis, Baxter and Boehringer Ingelheim
  • What are the requirements for GCP-compliant data management in multinational clincial trials? - presented by ECRIN
  • How to choose a successful outsourcing model? - case studies by Sanofi, Servier and LEO Pharma
  • Will data managers cease to exist? - discussed by European and American Vice Presidents and Global Heads of Roche, Abbott, Astellas and Eli Lilly
All this and much more will be presented by executive level experts of the Pharma industry, University hospitals and Clinical trials centres – Frank Shen (VP, Abbott Global Pharmaceutical R&D), Pantaleo Nacci (Global Head, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics), Susanne Gronen (VP, Astellas Pharma US) and many others.

You can join the debate here: http://pharma.flemingeurope.com/pharmacovigilance-risk-strategies/