antibodies-online is delighted to announce the Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor:

Cloud Clone Corporation (formerly USCN Life Sciences).

Cloud Clone products are ubiquitously sold across the globe. We have been distributing kits from Cloud Clone since 2010. They are frequently relabeled and sold under a variety of different popular name-brands. Cloud Clone's approximately 8000 ELISA Kits represent a balance between available validation and broad target coverage.

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We are happy to announce today that antibodies-online GmbH, a leading digital marketing and e-commerce platform for the distribution of life sciences research products, has completed a growth capital financing from U.S.-based BroadOak Capital Partners, a life sciences focused merchant bank.

Proceeds from the financing will primarily be used to:

  • accelerate the business’ recent expansion into the genomics market
  • support continued growth of the company’s digital marketing platform,PubGrade
  • strengthen antibodies-online’s sales and marketing capabilities.

antibodies-online is proud to announce the addition of Antagen Pharmaceuticals lateral flow assays for various applications to our catalog. These ready-to-use kits offer a quick, easy, and reproducible way to measure the innate immunity factor Lipocalin 2 (LCN2), the HAV cellular receptor 1, or interleukin IL-8. Furthermore, Antagen provides isotyping kits for mouse and rat antibodies and lentiviral titration assays.

The Boston/MA based company is dedicated to combating autoimmune diseases, infectious and cancerous diseases through its novel approaches of discovery, development, manufacturing and not least commercialization of biologics. If you are interested in in our portfolio feel free to get in contact with one of our scientific support specialists.

  • In an immunoprecipitation (IP) experiment, proteins are selectively precipitated out of a solution using a specific antibody
  • Co-immunoprecipitation is an extension of the basic IP technique, in which interacting proteins are immunoprecipitated together to identify & characterize interaction
  • DNA binding proteins can be co-IPed with bound DNA (ChIP) and the bound DNA can be
  • sequenced and characterized (ChipSeq/MeDIP etc)
  • ChIP-Seq is a powerful tool for studying DNA-protein interaction, epigenetic remodeling, and regulation of genetic pathways
  • antibodies-online and Active Motif have teamed up to offer a wide selection of antibodies that are guaranteed for use in ChIP, ChIP-seq, and MeDIP applications

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Genome wide DNA methylation patterns

MeDIP, hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing, and TAB-seq. Reveal genome wide DNA methylation patterns with our MeDIP, hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing and TAB-seq products

For more information please visit our NEW resource page about MeDIP, hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing, and TAB-seq.