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  • In an immunoprecipitation (IP) experiment, proteins are selectively precipitated out of a solution using a specific antibody
  • Co-immunoprecipitation is an extension of the basic IP technique, in which interacting proteins are immunoprecipitated together to identify & characterize interaction
  • DNA binding proteins can be co-IPed with bound DNA (ChIP) and the bound DNA can be
  • sequenced and characterized (ChipSeq/MeDIP etc)
  • ChIP-Seq is a powerful tool for studying DNA-protein interaction, epigenetic remodeling, and regulation of genetic pathways
  • antibodies-online and Active Motif have teamed up to offer a wide selection of antibodies that are guaranteed for use in ChIP, ChIP-seq, and MeDIP applications

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Genome wide DNA methylation patterns

MeDIP, hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing, and TAB-seq. Reveal genome wide DNA methylation patterns with our MeDIP, hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing and TAB-seq products

For more information please visit our NEW resource page about MeDIP, hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing, and TAB-seq.