B Lymphocyte Enrichment Set - DM

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Mouse (Murine)
Separation (Sep)
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Brand BD IMag™
Isotype IgG2b kappa
Characteristics The BD IMag™ Mouse B Lymphocyte Enrichment Set - DM is used for the negative selection of resting conventional (CD5-) B lymphocytes from mouse spleen or lymph node. The Biotin Mouse B Lymphocyte Enrichment Cocktail contains monoclonal antibodies that recognize antigens expressed on peripheral erythrocytes and leukocytes that are not resting CD5- peripheral B lymphocytes. Since developing B-lineage cells, CD5+ B-1 cells, activated B lymphocytes, and plasma cells express CD43, this Enrichment Set excludes those B-cell subsets. The BD IMag Streptavidin Particles Plus - DM are magnetic nanoparticles that have streptavidin covalently conjugated to their surfaces. With these two components, the BD IMag Mouse B Lymphocyte Enrichment Set - DM avoids the inadvertent activation of the enriched B lymphocytes by using reagents that do not directly bind to those B cells. This Set has been optimized for use with the BD IMagnet, and it contains sufficient reagents to label 10^9 leukocytes.
Biotinylated Mouse B Lymphocyte Enrichment Cocktail, component# 51-9001846, is comprising the following biotin-conjugated monoclonal antibodies:
Anti-mouseCD4, clone GK1.5
Anti-mouse CD43, clone S7
Anti-mouse TER-119/Erythroid Cells, clone TER-119
Components CD4, CD43, TER-119/Erythroid cells biotinylated antibody cocktail and BD IMag™ SAv particles
Sub Type Cocktail


Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Storage 4 °C
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Flow Cytometry (FACS) image for B Lymphocyte Enrichment Set - DM (ABIN1379764) B Lymphocyte Enrichment Set - DM