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Resource Identification Initiative - Beta test

Do you search the literature for the right antibody to use for your assay?

Resource Identification Initiative

Have you had to search through numerous publications to find the original reference to the antibody? Have you had difficulty finding an antibody because the catalog number was omitted?

The Resource Identification Initiative aims to improve identification of antibodies in the methods sections of recently published papers. This goal of this project is to facilitate identification of antibodies in the literature by linking antibodies to a unique identifiers. You can help - the pilot project needs researchers like you to test the system.

This effort is sponsored by Neuroscience Information Framework and the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, and is a collaboration between researchers, NIH program officers, vendors, biological curators, editors, computer scientists and publishers.

The goal of this beta test is to determine if antibodies reported in the literature can be identified in the antibody registry and linked to a unique ID number. Ultimately, the aim is to include these unique IDs in the publications alongside the mention of the antibody.

  • OHSU
  • UCSD
  • NIF
  • NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience
  • INCF

Free stuff! Become a beta user - get a t-shirt or coffee mug!

T-shirt or coffee mug

You can help make science more reproducible.

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your help. As one of the project partners, Antibodies-online will provide all participants with a fashionable t-shirt or snazzy coffee mug, as a thanks for your efforts.

Please help make scientific reporting more transparent.

How do I become a beta tester?


Step 1: Select a recent publication that reports usage of a primary antibody reagent and locate the antibodies reported in the paper.

The first step in this pilot study is to identify five antibodies that were reported in recent publications. These can come from one publication or up to five different publications.

ResourceIdentification:Antibody Registry

Step 2: Find the unique identifier for the reported antibodies in the Antibody Registry.

Go to and search for the antibodies reported in the paper and locate the antibody registry ID number, by searching on the reported catalog number or antibody name.


Step 3: Record your results in this Resource Identification survey.

Please follow the instructions in the survey to document your results and answer questions about your experience. The expected time commitment is approximately 15-30 minutes.

Demonstration Video

For further explanation, please watch this video...

A demonstration video is available here to illustrate the steps needed to perform this beta test.

Demonstration Video