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Search our extensive portfolio of validated conjugated and unconjugated secondary antibodies for the detection of primary antibodies in various applications, e.g. flow cytometry, cell imaging or Western blots. We offer Alexa Fluor conjugated secondary antibodies as well as a wide range of other conjugates such as DyLight, Atto, CF and many more.

Alexa Fluor Secondaries

1,300 AF conjugated secondaries available.


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Dyes for protein and peptide labeling.


Secondary antibodies - The right product for every application

Guinea pig anti-Rabbit IgG Antibody (ABIN101961)

CUT & RUN Antibody, referenced in:

  • Skene, Henikoff, Henikoff: "Targeted in situ genome-wide profiling with high efficiency for low cell numbers." in: Nature protocols, Vol. 13, Issue 5, pp. 1006-1019, 201
  • Brahma, Henikoff: "RSC-Associated Subnucleosomes Define MNase-Sensitive Promoters in Yeast." in: Molecular cell, Vol. 73, Issue 2, pp. 238-249.e3, 2019

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