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Tissue lysates offers tissue lysates from human, mouse, rat or chicken. These tissue lysates can be used in applications such as SDS-PAGE and Western blotting.

Tissue lysates are obtained from raw material (e.g. human or animal tissue). Tissue lysates can be used as positive controls for applications such as , and . Obtaining high-quality and pure tissue lysates can be tedious as well as time consuming. antibodies-online offers a comprehensive portfolio of tissue lysates for research use.

Just browse around the table below to find the right tissue lysate for your experiment.

Adipose ABIN1003679 ABIN1003706
Adrenal ABIN1003678 ABIN1003699
Bladder ABIN1003571 ABIN1003668 ABIN1003707
Bladder tumor ABIN1003607
Brain ABIN935236 ABIN770496 ABIN572318
Brain medulla ABIN935648
Breast ABIN1003572
Breast tumor ABIN1003613
Cerebellum ABIN935286 ABIN770497 ABIN770503
Cerebral cortex ABIN871341 ABIN780201
Cerebrum ABIN1003671 ABIN1003703
Cervix ABIN1003579
Colon ABIN1003581 ABIN1003669 ABIN1003701
Colon tumor ABIN1003603
Eye ABIN1003684 ABIN1003708
Frontal cortex ABIN935339
Heart ABIN935443 ABIN770499 ABIN572319
Heart left ventricle ABIN935444
Heart right ventricle ABIN935458
Hippocampus ABIN935411
Kidney ABIN935598 ABIN871340 ABIN572321
Kidney medulla ABIN935599
Kidney tumor ABIN1003611
Liver ABIN1003565 ABIN770501 ABIN572320 ABIN935261
Liver tumor ABIN1003605
Lung ABIN935605 ABIN1003644 ABIN572322
Lung tumor ABIN1003615
Midbrain ABIN935626
Olfactory lobe ABIN935699
Ovary ABIN1003577
Pancreas ABIN935724 ABIN1003672 ABIN1003698
Placenta ABIN1003570
Pons ABIN935727
Prostate ABIN935725
Prostate tumor ABIN935726
Retina ABIN935754
Skeletal muscle ABIN1003663 ABIN1003696
Skin ABIN1003680 ABIN1003709
Small intestine ABIN1003569 ABIN1003664 ABIN1003697
Spleen ABIN1003567 ABIN1003660 ABIN1003695
Stomach ABIN935789 ABIN1003673 ABIN1003704
Stomach tumor ABIN1003609
Striatum ABIN935788
Testis ABIN1003574 ABIN1003677 ABIN1003705
Thalamus ABIN935848
Thymus ABIN1003575 ABIN1003665 ABIN1003700
Tonsil ABIN1003576
Uterus ABIN1003578
Whole eye ABIN1003639