Matched Antibody Pairs

Matched Antibody Pairs for Sandwich ELISA

Why choose an antibody pair over an ELISA kit?

Paired ELISA antibodies offer the simplicity of a kit and the flexibility of a custom assay

ELISA Pair Antibodies

There is more than one way to approach your assay.

ELISA kits are a great solution for the neophyte researcher. Quick, simple, and ready-to-use out of the box, these kits are reliable, proven, and guaranteed to work as described in their datasheet.

Assay kits are also designed to be completed rapidly, and with minimal oversight. Direct, explicit instructions, enclosed with the kit, ensure that even individuals with little training or experience in assay development can complete the entire procedure unsupervised.

Unfortunately, the ELISA kit solution is not the right option for everyone who requires an ELISA. Ready-to-use kits are expensive, and they offer the experienced end-user very little control over assay design or performance.

Building a custom assay from scratch gives the researcher total control over assay design and performance. Assays can be customized for optimal performance based on sample matrix, experimental conditions, or desired readout.

Custom assay design is, however, a cumbersome, difficult, and expensive process. All reagents used in a de novo assay must be validated within the assay, and often many different antibodies will need to be tested before a reliable capture and detection pair can be identified.

Remove the hassle from custom assay design with a matched pair of antibodies!

Matched antibody pairs for ELISA bridge the gap between an inflexible, expensive kit and a time-consuming, frustrating custom assay.

Matched antibody pairs are sold as a set, containing both a capture and detection antibody. This antibody pair is prevalidated, tested, and guaranteed to be compatible and effective in a sandwich format assay.

Using a matched antibody pair, you can design your assay to your specifications, from the ground up. The matched pair saves you from having to engage in the cumbersome, expensive, and frustrating antibody validation step in the assay development process, and you can spend that time collecting valuable data.

antibodies-online offers hundreds of different confirmed, guaranteed ELISA pairs against a host of different popular antigens in different research disciplines. You can browse these targets via the links above.

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