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Products for Bacteria-specific Targets

Bacteria belong to the prokaryotic microorganisms. They have, compared to eukaryotes, a smaller and simpler genome and can be cultured in vitro in short cycles. This is why the first experiments with genetically modified organism in 1973 were made with bacteria more precisely with Escherichia coli (Cohen et al).

E. coli became a model organism for molecular studies, the annotated Escherichia coli K-12 genome was published in 1997. The field of molecular biology is growing rapidly and with it the number of complete genome sequences for bacterial species. Scientists are able to study mutations in bacterial DNA and draw conclusions about the function of genes and transfer the knowledge to more complex organisms. Additionally new areas of application for bacteria itself are discovered as well. They are used to produce antibiotics and enzymes, as a pesticide or to degrade medical waste. The research field is still growing and scientist are searching for new ways to use special traits of bacteria like heat resistance of thermophiles.

Antibodies-online offers ELISA kits and antibodies for research of over 470 bacterial targets to assist researchers investigating the bacterial genom and proteom.

More than 1300 different antibodies and proteins for the model organism Bacillus Subtilis are available, 4100 for E. coli . To get an overview simply scroll down and discover all bacterial targets.

Antibodies, proteins and kits against bacterial targets

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