JNK pathway

Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases control a range of cellular processes such as growth by regulating gene expression, mitosis, proliferation and differentiation.Additionally MAP kinases are also involved in the control of apoptosis and thereby regulate cell proliferation versus cell-death.

MAP kinases are activated by various stimuli such as cell stress and regulate the resulting signals by amplifying, or moderating the response by activation of downstream effectors. The regulation of MAP kinases occurs by a range of different phosphorylation events.

MAP kinases are the subject of intense investigation due to their involvement in various diseases and disorders ranging from metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance to cancer and other malignant diseases.

Important members of MAP kinase are the c-Jun N-terminal kinases which are involved in specific stress responses to for example osmotic shock, ultraviolet radiation and others. In addition, these MAP kinases are responsible for the control of certain cytokine stimulations. Thereby they are involved in the regulation of inflammatory processes.

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