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Cat. No. Name Type Application Delivery Price Details
ABIN1000289 Alanine Transaminase Assay Kit Kit AcA 4 to 6 Business Days
ABIN1000247 Alkaline Phosphatase Assay Kit Kit AcA 4 to 6 Business Days
ABIN1000334 Malachite Green Phosphate Assay Kit Kit 4 to 6 Business Days
ABIN1000244 Nitric Oxide Assay Kit Kit BCA 4 to 6 Business Days
ABIN1000301 NADP/NADPH Assay Kit Kit BCA 4 to 6 Business Days
ABIN1000238 Cell Viability Assay Kits Kit CA 4 to 6 Business Days

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BioAssay Systems was founded in 2005 and is located in Hayward, California (USA). Working for more than 20 years in academic research and in several biotechnology companies, the company's founder Frank Huang used his immense expertise in biochemistry and analytics to create an impressive portfolio for his own company. In doing so, he is supported by a team of dedicated scientists who share his enthusiasm for the development of high quality innovative assay kits. In this way BioAssay Systems developed and launched more than 100 extremely sensitive assays. Thereby the company sets a high value on user friendliness and safety of their products offered. For example, methods were turned down, which involved the use of radioisotopes. Instead, BioAssay Systems relies on extinction, fluorescence and chemiluminescence techniques. The company's product range is expanded continuously in order to serve even more customers from all fields of the Life Sciences.

On antibodies-online you can choose from more than 100 BioAssay Systems test kits. Most kits employ biochemical methods, besides this, also activity assays and LRA assays are available. The range of detectable substances is wide: No matter, if you are looking for lipase, catalase, haemoglobin, cholesterol or glucose, BioAssay Systems provides the right test kit for your requirements. On antibodies-online you will also find assays for examination of cell viability and cell toxicity. A true advantage of BioAssay Systems test kits is the huge diversity of media, which can be employed in the assays. Besides standards such as serum, plasma and urine, some kits can also process cell culture supernatants, cell extracts and even exotic matrices such as milk, beverages and foods. The BioAssay Systems product range on antibodies-online is supplemented by accessory reagents that can be used with several test kits.

Just compare the test kits made by BioAssay Systems with products of our other manufacturers on the homepage of antibodies-online. In this way, looking for the right products will be mere child's play.