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Cat. No. Name Type Application Delivery Price Details
ABIN93681 anti-Chromogranin antibody Primary IHC (fro), IHC (p) 5 to 6 Business Days
ABIN93638 anti-AMACR antibody (alpha-Methylacyl-CoA Racemase) Primary IHC (fro), IHC (p), IHC 5 to 6 Business Days
ABIN93838 anti-s100b antibody (S100 Calcium Binding Protein B) Primary IHC (p) 5 to 6 Business Days
ABIN93807 anti-Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody (Estrogen Receptor 1) Primary IHC (p) 5 to 6 Business Days
ABIN93812 anti-p63 antibody (Tumor Protein P63) Primary IHC (p) 5 to 6 Business Days
ABIN93693 anti-Collagen, Type I (COL1) antibody Primary IF, IHC (p), RIA, ELISA 5 to 6 Business Days

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About Biologo

BioLogo was founded in 1998 in Wettenberg (Germany) by Dr. Hartmut Schultheiss and has had its headquarters in Kiel since the year 2000. From the beginning the company specialized in the development and production of antibodies and other products for immunology. Real highlights in the broad range of antibodies from BioLogo are antibodies for the detection of epithelial cell markers, carcinoma markers, proteins of extracellular matrix, AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) and RAGEs (AGE receptors). The latter are especially interesting for researchers involved in research on Alzheimer's disease, arteriosclerosis and vascular diseases.

On antibodies-online there are more than 300 high quality primary antibodies from BioLogo. Most of these antibodies are generated in mouse or rabbit; however, you will also find antibodies produced in guinea pig, rat, goat or sheep. antibodies-online provides you with polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies from this manufacturer. Most BioLogo antibodies show reactivity with antigens from human, mouse and rat; additionally there are antibodies suitable for detection in rare species such as monkey, bony fish, amphibians and numerous fish species. Within the product range you will find true specialties such as the anti-dystrophin antibody that detects a membrane protein in the electrical organ of the Atlantic torpedo. Many primary antibodies from BioLogo are suitable for immunohistochemistry with paraffin or cryo sections; moreover, there are some antibodies that can be used for ELISA, immunofluorescence, radioimmunoassays, Western Blots, flow cytometry and immunoprecipitation. The quality of these antibodies is noticeably confirmed by the fact that they have been successfully used in numerous publications of projects, as you can see in the product details on antibodies-online. The BioLogo product range on antibodies-online is complemented by a selection of biotin conjugated secondary antibodies that are recommended for use in Western Blot and immunohistochemistry on paraffin sections.

Just make a comparison between the antibodies from BioLogo and those of our other suppliers on antibodies-online to quickly find the right antibody.