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ABIN184513 anti-GFP antibody (Green Fluorescent Protein) Primary IHC (fro), IP, WB 10 to 12 Business Days

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About Delta Biolabs LLC

Delta Biolabs LLC was established in the year 2006 and has its headquarters in Gilroy, California (USA). The main focus of the company is to support scientists with the development and production of high-quality antibodies. Customer satisfaction is especially important to Delta Biolabs LLC, therefore exact quality control is guaranteed during every step of development and production.

On antibodies-online you will find more than 100 reliable primary antibodies made by Delta Biolabs LLC. Mostly these antibodies are produced polyclonally in rabbit, mouse, goat, chicken or sheep but there are also some monoclonal primary antibodies that are generated in mouse. The majority of antibodies are suitable for the detection of antigens in tissue from human, mouse and rat, making these antibodies especially interesting for researchers working in human pathology or scientists who work with rodent models. Nearly all antibodies made by Delta Biolabs LLC are delivered unconjugated in order to enable the user to choose the preferred detection system. Besides these, there are also other antibodies that come conjugated with FITC, HRP and AP. Most primary antibodies made by Delta Biolabs LLC are recommended for use in Western blot, immunohistochemistry and immunoprecipitation; additionally, some antibodies can be employed in enzyme immunoassays, flow cytometry, immunodiffusion and immunofluorescence. Moreover, on antibodies-online you can choose from a selection of high-quality secondary antibodies made by Delta Biolabs LLC that are conjugated to FITC, HRP or AP. The product range of Delta Biolabs LLC on antibodies-online is complemented by more than 70 peptides of highest purity. Here you can find peptides from common protein tags such as GST, HIS or HA.

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