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ABIN1042573 alpha 1 Antitrypsin (OsrAAT) Protein Protein 11 to 13 Business Days

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Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology is a biotechnology company that is better known under the name of Oryzogen. The company was founded in 2006 and is located in Wuhan, China. The company's founder Dr Daichang Yang is a renowned scientist and has more than 15 years experience in research in the fields of Life Sciences. Possibly his most important achievement was Dr Yang's involvement in deciphering the genome of Oryza sativa (Asian rice). He used his expertise to realize the innovative technology of OryzExpress platform: Endosperm cells taken from rice plants are employed to express recombinant peptides and proteins. Oryzogen holds international patents on this technique that has the huge advantage that produced peptides and proteins are not contaminated with viruses or prions during the process of production. This is especially important if proteins are destined for the use in sensitive systems such as cell culture systems. Continuously, the company's team of dedicated scientists develops new innovative products, their methods attract attention in international peer-reviewed journals. In this way, Oryzogen makes an important contribution to support medical research. High product quality is an essential task for the company that is certified according to ISO 9001.

On antibodies-online you will find selected recombinant proteins made by Oryzogen. On antibodies-online you will find proteins of high purity such as alpha 1-antitrypsin or bFGF, which are also produced with help of the OryzExpress platform.

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