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Cat. No. Name Type Application Delivery Price Details
ABIN648791 anti-Neopterin (NP) antibody Primary ELISA 7 to 8 Business Days
ABIN648786 anti-Paraquat antibody Primary ELISA 7 to 8 Business Days
ABIN648783 anti-Chlorpyrifos antibody Primary ELISA 7 to 8 Business Days
ABIN648790 anti-Trinitrotoluene antibody Primary ELISA 7 to 8 Business Days

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About Selective Antibodies

Selective Antibodies was founded in 2008 in Newcastle (UK) as a spin-off company of Newcastle University. The main focus of Selective Antibodies is the development and production of antibodies against particularly small biomolecules, which are used for the detection of pharmaceutical substances, drugs, pesticides, natural and artificial toxins and hormones. The enthusiastic team now develops and produces antibodies and immunoassays against a large number of these tissues.

On antibodies-online you have a choice of 10 high-quality primary antibodies from Selective Antibodies, all generated as monoclonal antibodies in mouse. This guarantees a particularly high specificity of the antibodies when detecting the searched antigens and minimizes wrong positive results. The primary antibodies from Selective Antibodies, which can detect, e.g. methamphetamine or cocaine in human tissue, are of special interest for scientists in the areas of forensic medicine, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology and sports medicine. All the Selective Antibodies primary antibodies offered on antibodies-online are recommended for adoption in ELISA and have been validated with the help of competitive ELISAs.

The primary antibodies from this manufacturer are delivered unconjugated so that users have a free choice of detection system. It is quick and easy to find suitable secondary antibodies for use with these primary antibodies. On antibodies-online you can compare the products from Selective Antibodies with those from our other manufacturers to find the right antibody for your research.