Yeast Mitochondria (Pichia pastoris)

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Yeast (Pichia pastoris)
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Characteristics Mitochondria are the power house of the cells as they generate most of the supply of energy in the form of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). Mitochondria are double membrane organelles comprising of an outer membrane and a folded inner membrane called cristae. Isolated mitochondria are a useful tool to study mitochondrial respiration, assembly of the respiratory complexes, apoptosis, mtDNA, mtRNA, protein profiling, and as a loading control. Highly pure yeast mitochondria are purified using standard protocol as mentioned in the Yeast Mitochondria Isolation Kit - ABIN1685871 from Pichia pastoris.

Mitochondrial respiration studies, assembly of the complexes, apoptosis, mtDNA and mtRNA, and for protein profiling Western blot and ELISA

Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -80 °C
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