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Centrosomal Protein 164kDa (CEP164) ELISA Kits

CEP164 encodes a centrosomal protein involved in microtubule organization, DNA damage response, and chromosome segregation. Additionally we are shipping CEP164 Antibodies (29) and and many more products for this protein.

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CEP164 214552  
CEP164 363055  
CEP164 22897 Q9UPV0
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Human Centrosomal Protein 164kDa (CEP164) interaction partners

  1. This study reveals a novel role for CEP164 in the pathogenesis of nephronophthisis, in which mutations cause ciliary defects coupled with DNA damage induced replicative stress, cell death, and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

  2. Evidence is provided that TTBK2 (show TTBK2 ELISA Kits) effectively phosphorylate Cep164 and Cep97 (show CEP97 ELISA Kits) and inhibits the interaction between Cep164 and its binding partner Dishevelled-3 (show DVL3 ELISA Kits) (an important regulator of ciliogenesis) in a kinase activity-dependent manner.

  3. data suggest that TTBK2 (show TTBK2 ELISA Kits) also acts upstream of Cep164, contributing to the assembly of distal appendages

  4. Cep164 is targeted to the apical domain of the mother centriole to provide the molecular link between the mother centriole and the membrane biogenesis machinery that initiates cilia formation.

  5. findings indicate that ARL13B (show ARL13B ELISA Kits), INPP5E (show PMPCA ELISA Kits), PDE6D (show PDE6D ELISA Kits), and CEP164 form a distinct functional network that is involved in JBTS and NPHP but independent of the ones previously defined by NPHP and MKS (show MKS1 ELISA Kits) proteins

  6. Study identifies by whole-exome resequencing, mutations of MRE11 (show MRE11A ELISA Kits), ZNF423 (show 104125 ELISA Kits), and CEP164 as causing Nephronophthisis-related ciliopathies.

  7. Single nucleotide polymorphisms of CCND2 (show CCND2 ELISA Kits), RAD23B (show RAD23B ELISA Kits), GRP78 (show HSPA5 ELISA Kits), CEP164, MDM2 (show MDM2 ELISA Kits), and ALDH2 (show ALDH2 ELISA Kits) genes were significantly associated with development and recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma in Japanese patients with hepatitis C virus.

  8. These data implicate distal appendages in primary cilia formation and identify Cep164 as an excellent marker for these structures.

  9. Cep164 is a key player in the DNA damage-activated signaling cascade.

  10. Results show that Cep164 knockdown compromises the cell survival upon UV damage, and that UV irradiation significantly enhances the interaction between Cep164 and XPA (show XPA ELISA Kits).

CEP164 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a centrosomal protein involved in microtubule organization, DNA damage response, and chromosome segregation. The encoded protein is required for assembly of primary cilia and localizes to mature centrioles. Defects in this gene are a cause of nephronophthisis-related ciliopathies. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with CEP164

  • centrosomal protein 164kDa (CEP164) antibody
  • centrosomal protein 164 (Cep164) antibody
  • centrosomal protein 164kDa (Cep164) antibody
  • AI450905 antibody
  • BC027092 antibody
  • D030051D21 antibody
  • mKIAA1052 antibody
  • NPHP15 antibody
  • RGD1560988 antibody
  • RGD1561243 antibody

Protein level used designations for CEP164

centrosomal protein 164kDa , centrosomal protein of 164 kDa-like , centrosomal protein of 164 kDa

419769 Gallus gallus
451575 Pan troglodytes
489389 Canis lupus familiaris
514284 Bos taurus
697948 Macaca mulatta
100031634 Monodelphis domestica
100062791 Equus caballus
100388599 Callithrix jacchus
100461403 Pongo abelii
100475641 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100526179 Sus scrofa
100603224 Nomascus leucogenys
214552 Mus musculus
363055 Rattus norvegicus
22897 Homo sapiens
100730829 Cavia porcellus
101112846 Ovis aries
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