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The RayBio® Immuno-Quantitative ELISA (IQELISA) kit is an innovative assay platform that combines the specificity and ease of use of a sandwich ELISA test with the sensitivity of real-time PCR. Duplication via PCR enhances sensitivity up to 10 times in comparison to a traditional ELISA test. Furthermore only 1/10th of the typical sample volume is required for successful measurements. The IQELISA technology is completely novel, patent pending, and has no equivalent in the market at this time. Discover more than 2200 IQELISA™ Kits from RayBio and find a kit against your target!

We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types

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antibodies-online.com offers 1.909.906 research reagents from 191 renowned suppliers that cover a wide range of research applications. You will find a large selection of 1.392.579 antibodies, ELISA kits (170.000), 197.795 kits, 28.449 secondaries, 180.294 proteins, peptides and isotype controls. Visit our Offers & Promotions page periodically.

Independent Validation Initiative

As the largest marketplace for research antibody reagents with more than 1.6 million products and customers in over 50 countries, we have introduced the Independent Validation Initiative.

We are committed to improving the proteomics market by providing independently collected, scientifically sound, and properly documented data for the products that we sell, which is why we set very high standards for independent validation data. It is easy to participate and you will get a full refund for the validated products.

The Validation Process

Apply to participate in the independent validation initiative by proposing a validation experiment. After approval, perform the validation experiment, and send us your validation data. We provide a complete refund for the product you validated - pass or fail.

Our most important product categories

Monoclonal Antibodies:
Monoclonals are antibodies that are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell and bind to the same epitope. We offer you more than 300,000 high-quality monoclonal antibodies validated for a wide variety of applications, reactivities, conjugated and unconjugated monoclonals.
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Polyclonal Antibodies:
Polyclonal antibodies are antibodies that are secreted by different B cell lineages within the host (whereas monoclonal antibodies come from a single cell lineage). They are a collection of immunoglobulin molecules that react against a specific antigen, each identifying a different epitope. We offer our customers a wide range of polyclonals. Choose between properties like host, clone and antigen to get the antibody you need.
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When you need to be able to establish even tiny concentrations of the protein you’re looking for in a sample, then ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is often the method of choice. If you need to perform an ELISA, an ELISA kit is a good option because: The kit contains all of the necessary reagents in one box – no need to buy anything extra. Individual components are already tested, and have been proven effective and compatible with each-other. On antibodies-online.com you will find a plethory of top quality suppliers offering a wide range of validated ELISA kits. We are confident in the performance of our ELISA kits and stand behind them to the fullest and offer a money-back guarantee for each kit.
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Biochemical Assays:
A Biochemical Assay is an analytical procedure to detect and quantify cellular processes (e.g. apoptosis, cell signaling) or metabolic reactions. Biochemical assays are a reliable, routinely used procedure that helps in characterizing targets and understanding of biomolecular functions. We offer you a portfolio of 275 biochemical assay kits from a couple of well selected suppliers such as BioVision, BioAssay Systems, Arbor Assay or BioLegend.
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Secondary Antibodies:
antibodies-online offers you more than 22,000 secondary antibodies validated for the most varied applications, such as ELISA, flow cytometry, western blot, ICC, IHC and many more. Our product portfolio covers all common host organisms and reactivity types. In addition you will find at antibodies-online.com some more rarely used hosts, such as apes, dogs, Syrian hamsters.
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In molecular biology, protein research is often regarded as the king of disciplines because it deals with the finished end product of synthesis. But refining pure protein is usually complex and time-intensive. We offer you a variety of 170,000 full-length, active proteins in a wide range of purity grades including more than 2,100 native proteins.
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Peptides are often used for targeted immunisation, in pathogenicity research, or in signal path research. antibodies-online offers you more than 48,000 native, recombinant, labeled and unlabeled peptides in various grades of purity. Blocking peptides for a wide range of antibodies are also available.
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Antibody Arrays & Multiplex ELISA Arrays:
Arrays are a powerful tool for screening and comparing expression levels of many cytokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors, histon modifications and other proteins in a wide variety of sample types in a single experiment. They enable researchers to investigate whole biological processes to contribute new information and understanding of complex processes through simultaneously profiling of up to 1000 different protein targets in a complex biological sample. On antibodies-online.com you can find more than 100 hand-selected, high-quality Cytokine Arrays, Apoptosis Arrays and many other interesting products.
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Lysates are required in many applications, for example as a non-specific tissue control or as a comparison for the cell culture in a western blot or ELISA procedure. More than 25,000 lysates, cell samples and tissue samples are available at antibodies-online.
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We offer you a variety of tissues e.g. blood cells from different eukaryotic hosts and in different conditions (fresh frozen, with anticoagulants).
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Serum is the component that is neither a blood cell nor a clotting factor; it is the blood plasma not including the fibrinogens. Serum includes all proteins not used in blood clotting and all the electrolytes, antibodies, antigens, hormones, and any exogenous substances. At antibodies-online you can find many serums and serum-based products for various applications.
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In Contrast to Serum, blood plasma is isolated by spinning a tube of fresh blood containing an anticoagulant (e.g. sodium citrate) in a centrifuge until the blood cells fall to the bottom of the tube. Possible usages are cell cultures or immuno assays. We offer you more than 700 products in this category. Choose between different hosts, anticoagulants and sterility.
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Buffer solutions are necessary to keep the correct pH for enzymes in many organisms to work. Its pH changes very little when a small or moderate amount of strong acid or base is added to it and thus it is used to prevent changes in the pH of a solution. The majority of biological samples that are used in research are made in buffers. Our store offers a wide variety of buffers in order to secure your desired research object from a wide range of top-quality suppliers such as Chromotek, HemoGenix, antibodies-online, BioVision, SignalChem and others.
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We provide our customers with a large number of blocking reagents and inhibitors for experimental usage such as inhibition assays. We offer you the product portfolio of many hand-selected quality suppliers such as TargetMol, BioVision, Abbexa and more.
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Beads and Resin:
Particle- oder Bead based Assays work similar to ELISAs, they only use another surface where the antibody binds. Instead of immobilizing on microtiter wells the surface of tiny round silica beads is used. Magnetic beads, agarose-coupled beads and other products are available at antibodies-online.
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Isotype & Other Controls:
Particularly in procedures using antibodies it’s very important to prevent any non-specific binding of primary and secondary antibodies by using non-specific isotype controls. At antibodies-online you can obtain more than 4,000 validated isotype controls for all common isotypes.
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Find the right antibody, kit or protein at antibodies-online.com

A search function with extensive filter options allows you to quickly identify the most suitable product amongst the large product range on antibodies-online.com. You may for instance start by entering the antigen name of the target you are interested in. The search results can be refined by setting filters for product type, reactivity, host and others. For example, if you are looking for an ELISA kit for the measurement of Interleukin 6 in rat material, you can enter the antigen name, set a filter for the reactivity “rat” and select the product type “kit” as well as the application “ELISA”. For information about our independent validation initiative please visit our IV page.

If your search does not yield the desired result or if you have additional questions regarding the product you are welcome to contact our customer service by phone or mail. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Our ordering process is designed to be time efficient and simple. You may order immediately online via our webshop, by email, and by phone or fax. We do accept purchase order numbers (PON). You may pay via credit card, wire transfer or check. Regardless of the selected method of ordering we make sure it will be simple, safe and swift.

If a product does not work as indicated in the datasheet we will refund the purchase price. As an alternative we will provide you with a replacement.

We support you in searching, ordering and using antibodies, ELISA kits and related research reagents. antibodies-online.com is the right place to find and procure the products for your research. You may also find us in german at antikoerper-online.de, french at anticorps-enligne.fr and in chinese at antibodies-online.cn.