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Compare and order fully validated and ready-to-use ELISA Kits (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits). On antibodies-online you will find a wide range of reliable kits to quickly and easily detect or quantify proteins in biological samples or solutions.

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Featured ELISA Kits with comprehensive Validation Data

Analytical Method
Cat. No.
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6574238
  • (4)
  • collections(6)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6574155
  • (49)
  • collections(6)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6574167
  • (81)
  • collections(6)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Competition ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6574100
  • (22)
  • collections(3)
  • (1)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6959233
  • collections(1)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6730907
  • (3)
  • collections(4)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6959713
  • collections(1)
Quantity96 tests
Analytical MethodQuantitative Sandwich ELISA
Cat. No.ABIN6574140
  • (62)
  • collections(6)
Quantity96 tests

antibodies-online supplies you with ELISA kits for more than 3,000 different targets. You can search for the ELISA kit you need by target name, species, detection method, sample types, validation data, and other features. In case you need assistance, our customer service team of PhD biologists is looking forward to your request via phone or email to support you in your research work.


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We support you with ELISA kits for many other sample types, such as sweat, blood, tears, plant tissue, bronchoalveolar lavage or synovial fluid. Use our search to find the right product for you.

Relevant Categories and Topics

To select the appropriate ELISA kit, you can use our convenient search function. Here you can filter for example by species / reactivity, ELISA kit type, sample type and other criteria. Below you will find some relevant topic pages and pathways.

ELISA Kit: Component Validation

When it comes to ELISA kits, reliability is one of the most important aspects. antibodies-online offers you a portfolio of selected ELISA kits with validated components and the corresponding validation data. So you can be sure that your kit will work as expected. Please see below the validation data of the components of our TNF ELISA kit (ABIN6574141) as an example.

Mouse Capture Antibody

Mouse Capture Antibody from the kit in WB with Positive Control: Eukaryotic TNFa protein.

Mouse Detection Antibody

Mouse Detection Antibody from the kit in WB with Positive Control: Sample Eukaryotic TNFa protein.

SDS-PAGE of Protein Standard

SDS-PAGE of Protein Standard from the Kit (Highly purified E. coli-expressed recombinant rat TNFa).

WB of Protein Standard

WB of Protein Standard: different control antibodies against Highly purified E. coli-expressed recombinant rat TNFa. - your supplier for high quality ELISA and assay kits. With more than 15 years of experience we are the competent partner for your research project. Whatever you are looking for, you will find the right product with us. We guarantee the full function of our ELISA kits and therefore offer you a full money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about our products or the application in your specific project, our competent PhD customer service is at your disposal. Please contact us via email or phone.

What are the advantages of using ELISA kits?

In order to perform an ELISA you need several materials. A pre-coated 96-well strip plate several diluents, a stop solution, a standard to test against, a substrate in order to generate the color response detection reagents and a wash buffer. This saves time when compared to gathering all materials and mix the solutions prior to each assay. ELISA kits are a convenient approach to perform your desired ELISA. The kit comes in a box containing all of the necessary reagents at once – no need to buy anything extra.

Save working time
The kit comes in a box containing all of the necessary reagents.
Ensure compatibility
Components are tested and have been proven compatible with each-other.
Avoid quality issues
Reagents of reliable quality: All products are covered by our money-back guarantee.
Save money
The cost-per-sample is generally lower than for de novo assay generation.

When to build an assay, when to buy an ELISA kit?

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to use an ELISA, you need to decide whether you’ll use a commercially available ELISA kit, or try to compile an assay on your own from scratch. There are a few reasons that one might want to try to generate an assay de novo rather than purchasing a pre-made solution. If you need to fine tune your assay outside the specifications in a commercially available kit, if you need tight control over the specific nature of the components that go in to your assay, or if you need to use a specific or custom antibody in your assay you might want to consider investing the time and effort necessary to generate an assay de novo.

However, if you’re not limited to the criteria above, you might want to consider purchasing a commercially available assay for simplicity’s sake. You should consider purchasing a pre-made kit if you want to:

  • Save time: Optimization of custom ELISA is very time consuming. Even for an experienced scientist with compatible reagents, a new assay will generally require hours or days of optimization before it is ready for use. That’s all time that you could be using to collect, analyze, interpret, and publish your data. Carefully consider the value of your time, and the time of the technicians and students who will be building and performing the assay.
  • Ensure reagent compatibility: A pre-made ELISA kit is guaranteed to contain reagents that are compatible with each other. When compiling your own assay, even if you choose high quality reagents you may accidentally stumble upon incompatible products (e.g. two antibodies that recognize a similar epitope and block each other due to steric hindrance).
  • Avoid frustrating quality-control issues: When generating an assay from scratch, you'll likely be sourcing different reagents from several different places. And after spending all the time necessary to track down each of the various reagents you need, even a single bad buffer could ruin your experiment, requiring countless hours of troubleshooting to trace the source of the problem. By contrast, every pre-made ELISA kit from antibodies-online is covered by our money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you do experience a problem, our technical support staff will handle the troubleshooting.
  • Save money: While it may be tempting to try to piece together your own ELISA to save a few dollars, most researchers find that the cost-benefit analysis doesn't actually add up in the end. After considering all of the different components that must be purchased to generate an assay de novo it is often just as cost effective to buy a pre-made kit.

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ELISA Kits - Frequently asked Questions

Can I modify the protocol?

ELISA kits have been optimized to provide the best possible results. If you modify the format or protocol, it may give inaccurate and wrong results.

How should I store my samples?

For best results using fresh samples is recommended. Alternatively samples should be stored in a freezer at -20 °C, -80 °C, or in liquid nitrogen.

Can components from different kits be used?

It is not recommended to use components other than those included in the ELISA kit. The components of a kit are precisely matched to each other and confirmed in their efficacy.

How many samples can I test on one ELISA?

On each 96-well plate an 8-point standard curve with duplicate wells is performed. The remaining wells can be used for samples. If the entire plate is used in an experiment, the remaining 80 wells can accommodate 40 duplicate samples.

Can antibodies-online ELISA kits be used for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures?

No, the ELISA kits are for research use only.

Do you also offer ELISA kits with uncoated plates?

Yes, we do. You can find them using our search filter "plate".

Do your ELISA kits work for cell and tissue lysates?

The sample types for which an ELISA kit has been proven to work are indicated in the respective product description.

What is the "Independent Validation Initiative"?

Our Independent Validation Initiative addresses the call for more reproducibility in the proteomics market by providing well documented, independently generated, and scientifically sound data for our ELISA kits, and other products from our catalog. Please let us know, if you are interested in validating a specific product. In return for your data, you will receive your money back for the product.

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