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Chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 25 (CCL25) ELISA Kits

CCL25 belongs to the subfamily of small cytokine CC genes. Additionally we are shipping CCL25 Antibodies (85) and CCL25 Proteins (36) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
CCL25 360750  
CCL25 6370 O15444
CCL25 20300  
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Catalog No. Reactivity Sensitivity Range Images Quantity Supplier Delivery Price Details
Human 6.25 pg/mL 1600-25 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests Log in to see 9 to 11 Days
Mouse 7.8 pg/mL 31.25-2000 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests Log in to see 11 to 13 Days
Pig 3.91 pg/mL 1000-15.63 pg/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 11 to 13 Days
Rat 18.75 pg/mL 31.25-2000 pg/mL Diagramm of the ELISA kit to detect Rat TECKwith the optical density on the x-axis and the concentration on the y-axis. 96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Chicken 1.875 pg/mL 3.125-200 pg/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Monkey 37.5 pg/mL 62.5-4000 pg/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Rabbit 1.5 pg/mL 2.5-160 pg/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Guinea Pig 1.875 pg/mL 3.125-200 pg/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
  96 Tests Log in to see 11 to 13 Days
  96 Tests Log in to see 11 to 13 Days

More ELISA Kits for CCL25 Interaction Partners

Cow (Bovine) Chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 25 (CCL25) interaction partners

Human Chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 25 (CCL25) interaction partners

  1. that CCL25/CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits) signal may provide cancer cells with chemotactic abilities through influencing several epithelial-mesenchymal transitionmarkers

  2. CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits)/CCL25 interactions are not only involved in colitis pathogenesis but also correlate with colonic inflammatory burden; further supporting the existence of overlapping mucosal lymphocyte recruitment pathways between the inflamed colon and liver.

  3. Studies indicate important roles played by chemokine ligand 25 (CCL25)/chemokine receptor (show CCR1 ELISA Kits) 9 (CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits)) in tumorigenesis, tumor chemoresistance and metastasis.

  4. CCL25 mRNA and protein levels were significantly increased in the nasopharyngeal carcinoma group compared with the control group.

  5. CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits)-CCL25 interaction promoted proliferation and suppressed apoptosis of non-small cell lung cancer cells by activating the PI3K (show PIK3CA ELISA Kits)/Akt (show AKT1 ELISA Kits) pathway.

  6. High CCL25 expression is associated with the pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis.

  7. Expression of CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits) and CCL25, the only natural ligand of CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits), was significantly higher (p<0.0001) in NSCLC tissues and serum respectively, compared to their respective controls.

  8. TECK derived from endometrial stromal cell and macrophages upregulates the number and function of Tregs in the ectopic milieu.

  9. CCL25 is an antimicrobial protein with bacteriocidal activity against E. coli and S. aureus.

  10. CCL25 and CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits) regulate colorectal cancer progression and invasion.

Mouse (Murine) Chemokine (C-C Motif) Ligand 25 (CCL25) interaction partners

  1. CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits)/CCL25 is involved in acute skin transplantation rejection and anti-CCL25 strategies might be useful in preventing acute rejection.

  2. Accumulated CD11b (show ITGAM ELISA Kits)(+) macrophages are critical for activating hepatic stellate cells through the CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits)/CCL25 axis and therefore promote liver fibrosis.

  3. The results revealed that during an allergic reaction, CCL25 drives IL-17 (show IL17A ELISA Kits) gammadelta T-cell mobilization to inflamed tissue via alpha4beta7 integrin and modulates IL-17 (show IL17A ELISA Kits) levels.

  4. CCL25/CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits) interactions regulate inflammatory immune responses in the large intestinal mucosa by balancing different subsets of dendritic cells.

  5. Characterization of mouse CCX-CKR (show CCRL1 ELISA Kits), a receptor for the lymphocyte-attracting chemokines TECK/mCCL25, SLC/mCCL21 and MIP (show MIP ELISA Kits)-3beta/mCCL19: comparison to human CCX-CKR (show CCRL1 ELISA Kits). (CCX-CKR (show CCRL1 ELISA Kits))

  6. in vivo neutralization of the CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits) ligand, CCL25, reduced the ability of activated CCR9 (show CCR9 ELISA Kits)(+) CD8alphabeta(+) lymphocytes cells to populate the small-intestinal epithelium

  7. role of CCL25 in the generation of the small-intestinal CD8alpha alpha(+)CD3 (show CD3E ELISA Kits)(+) intraepithelial lymphocyte compartment

  8. chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 25 may thus play an important role in the adherence of mucosal lymphocytes to the microvessels of the small intestine but not the colon under uninflamed as well as inflamed conditions

  9. Neonatal CD8 (show CD8A ELISA Kits)+ splenocytes uniformly express alpha(E) integrin and exhibit a high responsiveness to CC chemokine ligand 25. With increasing age, the frequency of CD8+ alpha(E) integrin(+) splenocytes decreases, roughly correlating with thymic involution.

  10. Epithelial cells and venular endothelium of small intestine are immunologically positive for CCL25, a chemokine which plays a direct role in intestinal homing of IgA antibody-secreting cells by mediating their extravasation into intestinal lamina propria.

CCL25 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene belongs to the subfamily of small cytokine CC genes. Cytokines are a family of secreted proteins involved in immunoregulatory and inflammatory processes. The CC cytokines are proteins characterized by two adjacent cysteines. The cytokine encoded by this gene displays chemotactic activity for dendritic cells, thymocytes, and activated macrophages but is inactive on peripheral blood lymphocytes and neutrophils. The product of this gene binds to chemokine receptor CCR9. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Gene names and symbols associated with CCL25

  • chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 25 (Ccl25) antibody
  • chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 25 (CCL25) antibody
  • C-C motif chemokine 25 (ccl25) antibody
  • A130072A22Rik antibody
  • AI852536 antibody
  • CCL25 antibody
  • CKb15 antibody
  • Scya25 antibody
  • TECK antibody

Protein level used designations for CCL25

C-C motif chemokine 25 , chemokine CCL25/TECK , small inducible cytokine A25 , chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 25 , Ck beta-15 , TECKvar , chemokine TECK , small inducible cytokine subfamily A (Cys-Cys), member 25 , small-inducible cytokine A25 , thymus expressed chemokine , thymus-expressed chemokine , small inducible chemokine 25 , CC chemokine ligand 25 , chemokine ligand 25

360750 Rattus norvegicus
574219 Macaca mulatta
615986 Bos taurus
678679 Ovis aries
743059 Pan troglodytes
100195836 Salmo salar
6370 Homo sapiens
20300 Mus musculus
448798 Canis lupus familiaris
448799 Sus scrofa
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