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HNF1 Homeobox A Proteins (HNF1A)

The protein encoded by HNF1A is a transcription factor required for the expression of several liver-specific genes. Additionally we are shipping HNF1 Homeobox A Antibodies (94) and HNF1 Homeobox A Kits (30) and many more products for this protein.

list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
HNF1A 6927 P20823
HNF1A 21405 P22361
HNF1A 24817 P15257
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HOST_Escherichia coli (E. coli) Human His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Log in to see 29 to 34 Days
HOST_Escherichia coli (E. coli) Mouse His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Log in to see 29 to 34 Days
Yeast Rat His tag   1 mg Log in to see 56 to 66 Days
HOST_Wheat germ Human GST tag   10 μg Log in to see 9 Days
HOST_Human Human Un-conjugated   20 μg Log in to see 9 to 11 Days

HNF1A Proteins by Origin and Source

Origin Expressed in Conjugate
Human , ,
Mouse (Murine)

Rat (Rattus)

More Proteins for HNF1 Homeobox A (HNF1A) Interaction Partners

Human HNF1 Homeobox A (HNF1A) interaction partners

  1. Hepatocellular adenomas, specifically the HNF1-alpha subtype, can cause false-positive PET findings when seeking to identify malignancy.

  2. Plasma ghrelin (show GHRL Proteins) level is higher in HNF1A-maturity onset diabetes of the young than in the common polygenic forms of diabetes.

  3. rejected the hypothesis that all human MODY (show HNF4A Proteins)-associated mutations in HNF1A / HNF4A (show HNF4A Proteins) induce changes in the pharmacokinetics of sulfonylureas in humans analogically to the Hnf1a(-/-) mouse model

  4. TCF-1 expression was lower in T cells from multiple sclerosis patients compared to healthy individuals.

  5. HNF-1alpha gene p379fsinsC mutation is described in a Chinese family with maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 3.

  6. Genetic screening detected a mutation p. Arg200Trp in the HNF1A gene in the patient, her mother, and maternal grandmother, suggesting a diagnosis of MODY-3

  7. DR of any degree was not present in our GCK (show GCK Proteins)-MODY (show HNF4A Proteins) group, while in spite of young age almost every fourth subject with HNF1A-MODY (show HNF4A Proteins) showed signs of this complication.

  8. These data suggest that HNF1 plays an important role in regulating intestinal epithelial cell function, both directly and through interactions with other intestinal transcription factors.

  9. a pathway in which TNFalpha (show TNF Proteins)-NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 Proteins) signaling switches off negative regulation by suppressing HNF-1alpha-mediated expression of miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-194, revealing insight into the mechanisms linking inflammatory pathways, miRNA, and HCC (show FAM126A Proteins) metastasis.

  10. rs1169288 in HNF1A significantly associates with alpha-1 antitrypsin (show SERPINA1 Proteins) levels.

Mouse (Murine) HNF1 Homeobox A (HNF1A) interaction partners

  1. Sp5 (show SP5 Proteins)/8 bind directly to GC boxes in Wnt (show WNT2 Proteins) target gene enhancers and to adjacent, or distally positioned, chromatin-bound T-cell factor (Tcf) 1/lymphoid enhancer factor (Lef) 1 (show LEF1 Proteins) to facilitate recruitment of beta-catenin (show CTNNB1 Proteins) to target gene enhancers.

  2. TCF1 is required for the T follicular helper cell response to viral infection functioning through negative feedback loops with IL-2 (show IL2 Proteins) and Blimp1 (show PRDM1 Proteins).

  3. Our data demonstrate that HNF1A is an important cell-intrinsic transcription factor in adult B lymphopoiesis

  4. This paper demonstrates a cell-intrinsic requirement for transcription factors TCF1 and LEF1 (show LEF1 Proteins) for the development of all subsets of Natural Killer T cells.

  5. Beta-catenin's function in regulating mouse embryonic stem cells is highly context specific and its interaction with TCF1 promotes differentiation.

  6. HNF1alpha, but not HNF1beta (show HNF1B Proteins), is the primary positive regulator of PCSK9 (show PCSK9 Proteins) transcription in mouse liver

  7. IP3R (show ITPR1 Proteins)-mediated Ca2 (show CA2 Proteins)+ signaling reinforces Tcf-1 activity to both ensure normal development and to prevent thymocyte neoplasia.

  8. critical for suppression of CD8 (show CD8A Proteins)-positive T-cell function

  9. TCF-1 physically interacted with Runx3 (show RUNX3 Proteins) to cooperatively silence Cd4 (show CD4 Proteins).

  10. Deletion of intestinal SIRT1 (show SIRT1 Proteins) impairs DCoH2 (show PCBD2 Proteins)-HNF-1alpha-FXR (show NR1H4 Proteins) signaling and alters systemic bile acid homeostasis.

Pig (Porcine) HNF1 Homeobox A (HNF1A) interaction partners

  1. pigs harboring the dominant-negative mutant human MODY3 gene showed reproducible and distinct glomerular nodules.

HNF1 Homeobox A (HNF1A) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a transcription factor required for the expression of several liver-specific genes. The encoded protein functions as a homodimer and binds to the inverted palindrome 5'-GTTAATNATTAAC-3'. Defects in this gene are a cause of maturity onset diabetes of the young type 3 (MODY3) and also can result in the appearance of hepatic adenomas.

Gene names and symbols associated with HNF1 Homeobox A Proteins (HNF1A)

  • HNF1 homeobox A (HNF1A)
  • HNF1 homeobox A (Hnf1a)
  • transcription factor 1, hepatic (hnf1)
  • AI323641 protein
  • HNF-1 protein
  • HNF-1-alpha protein
  • HNF-1a protein
  • HNF-1alpha protein
  • HNF1 protein
  • HNF1-alpha protein
  • HNF1A protein
  • Hnf1alpha protein
  • HNF1[a] protein
  • IDDM20 protein
  • LF-B1 protein
  • Lfb1 protein
  • MODY3 protein
  • Tcf-1 protein
  • tcf1 protein

Protein level used designations for HNF1 Homeobox A Proteins (HNF1A)

HNF1 homeobox A , HNF-1-alpha , albumin proximal factor , hepatic nuclear factor 1 , hepatocyte nuclear factor 1-alpha , interferon production regulator factor , liver-specific transcription factor LF-B1 , transcription factor 1, hepatic , hepatic nuclear factor (HNF1) , transcription factor 1, hepatic; LF-B1, hepatic nuclear factor (HNF1), albumin proximal factor , HNF-1A , hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 , transcription factor 1 , LF-B1 hepatic nuclear factor (HNF1): albumin proximal factor also TCF1 , LF-B1, hepatic nuclear factor (HNF1): albumin proximal factor, also TCF1 , TCF-1 , Transcription factor 1 hepatic , Transcription factor 1, hepatic , hepatic nuclear factor-1-alpha , hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 alpha , sHNF1

100018223 Monodelphis domestica
6927 Homo sapiens
416967 Gallus gallus
21405 Mus musculus
486303 Canis lupus familiaris
24817 Rattus norvegicus
574067 Sus scrofa
100714798 Cavia porcellus
503578 Bos taurus
100136586 Salmo salar
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