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anti-Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 (LGALS9) Antibodies

LGALS9 was initially thought to represent a pseudogene of galectin 9; however, this transcript has good exon-intron structure and encodes a predicted protein of the same size as and highly similar to galectin 9. Additionally we are shipping Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 Kits (52) and Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 Proteins (37) and many more products for this protein.

list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
LGALS9 16859 O08573
LGALS9 3965 O00182
LGALS9 25476 P97840
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Catalog No. Reactivity Host Conjugate Application Images Quantity Supplier Delivery Price Details
Cow Rabbit Un-conjugated WB WB Suggested Anti-LGALS9 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml ELISA Titer: 1:312500 Positive Control: Human Muscle 100 μL Log in to see 2 to 3 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated EIA, WB Western blot analysis of Galectin-9 Antibody (N-term) in WiDr cell line lysates (35ug/lane). 0.4 mL Log in to see 6 to 8 Days
Human Mouse Un-conjugated FACS 0.1 mg Log in to see 6 to 8 Days
Human Mouse Un-conjugated ELISA (Capture), FACS 0.1 mg Log in to see 6 to 8 Days
Rat Rabbit Un-conjugated WB Observed bind size: 36KD 100 μg Log in to see 4 to 6 Days
Mouse Goat Un-conjugated FACS, ICC, WB Detection of Galectin-9 in Mouse Thymocytes by Flow Cytometry. Galectin-9 in Mouse Splenocytes. Galectin-9 was detected in immersion fixed mouse splenocytes using Goat Anti-Mouse Galectin-9 Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody. Specific staining was localized to cytoplasm. 100 μg Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, IF, IHC, WB Western Blot (WB) analysis of specific cells using Galectin-9 Polyclonal Antibody. 100 μL Log in to see 16 Days
Mouse Rat APC FACS 100 μg Log in to see 10 to 12 Days
Mouse Rat Alexa Fluor 647 FACS 100 μg Log in to see 10 to 12 Days
Human Mouse Un-conjugated ELISA, WB LGALS9 polyclonal antibody (A01), Lot # 050928JC01 Western Blot analysis of LGALS9 expression in Jurkat . Western Blot detection against Immunogen (37.33 KDa) . 50 μL Log in to see 11 to 12 Days

LGALS9 Antibodies by Reactivity, Application, Clonality and Conjugate

Attributes Applications Host Clonality Conjugate
Mouse (Murine) , , , ,
, ,
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Human , , , ,
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Rat (Rattus) , ,

, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Top referenced anti-Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 Antibodies

  1. Mouse (Murine) Monoclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN2658314 : Dunphy, Barcham, Bischof, Young, Nash, Meeusen: Isolation and characterization of a novel eosinophil-specific galectin released into the lungs in response to allergen challenge. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2002 (PubMed)
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  2. Mouse (Murine) Monoclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN2657895 : Tsuboi, Abe, Nakagawa, Oomizu, Watanabe, Nishi, Nakamura, Yamauchi, Hirashima: Galectin-9 protects mice from the Shwartzman reaction by attracting prostaglandin E2-producing polymorphonuclear leukocytes. in Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.) 2007 (PubMed)
    Show all 6 references for ABIN2657895

  3. Human Monoclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for ELISA (Capture), FACS - ABIN1449219 : Yanai, Saito, Kakinuma, Kon, Hirota, Taniguchi-Yanai, Nishijo, Shigematsu, Horiguchi, Kasuya, Sugiyama, Yagami, Murakami, Fukamizu: Renin-dependent cardiovascular functions and renin-independent blood-brain barrier functions revealed by renin-deficient mice. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2000 (PubMed)
    Show all 5 references for ABIN1449219

  4. Human Polyclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for EIA, WB - ABIN952439 : Dardalhon, Anderson, Karman, Apetoh, Chandwaskar, Lee, Cornejo, Nishi, Yamauchi, Quintana, Sobel, Hirashima, Kuchroo: Tim-3/galectin-9 pathway: regulation of Th1 immunity through promotion of CD11b+Ly-6G+ myeloid cells. in Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 2010 (PubMed)
    Show all 5 references for ABIN952439

  5. Human Monoclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for FACS - ABIN1449220 : Lipkowitz, Leal-Pinto, Cohen, Abramson: Galectin 9 is the sugar-regulated urate transporter/channel UAT. in Glycoconjugate journal 2004 (PubMed)
    Show all 3 references for ABIN1449220

  6. Human Polyclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN561667 : Bellac, Coimbra, Simon, Imboden, Leib: Gene and protein expression of galectin-3 and galectin-9 in experimental pneumococcal meningitis. in Neurobiology of disease 2007 (PubMed)
    Show all 2 references for ABIN561667

  7. Mouse (Murine) Polyclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for FACS, ICC - ABIN4899254 : Iqbal, Sampaio, Maione, Greco, Niki, Hirashima, Perretti, Cooper: Endogenous galectin-1 and acute inflammation: emerging notion of a galectin-9 pro-resolving effect. in The American journal of pathology 2011 (PubMed)

  8. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal LGALS9 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2785903 : Bi, Earl, Jacobs, Baum: Structural features of galectin-9 and galectin-1 that determine distinct T cell death pathways. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2008 (PubMed)

More Antibodies against Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 Interaction Partners

Mouse (Murine) Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 (LGALS9) interaction partners

  1. The Gal-9/Tim-3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies) signal is important for the regulation of decidua NK cells function, which is beneficial for the maintenance of a normal pregnancy.

  2. These results indicate the possibility that cooperative binding of oligosaccharide and neighboring polypeptide structures of monoclonal IgE to galectin-9 affects the overall affinity and specificity of the IgE-lectin interaction.

  3. galectin-9 functions as a novel alarmin by augmenting the inflammatory response in sepsis development during pulmonary F. novicida infection.

  4. Gal-9 has a role in the maintenance of hepatic homeostasis and preventing liver ischemia-reperfusion injury

  5. Gal-9, a natural TIM-3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies) ligand, was produced primarily by and released from ischemia-reperfusion-stressed hepatocytes, both in vivo and in vitro.

  6. Galectin-9 functions as an astrocyte-microglia communication signal and promotes cytokine production from microglia in a Tim-3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies) independent manner.

  7. galectin-9, in addition to being an effector molecule for regulatory T cells cells, acts synergistically with TGF-beta (show TGFB1 Antibodies) to enforce iTreg cell differentiation and maintenance.

  8. Galectin-9 is a suppressor of T and B cells and predicts the immune modulatory potential of mesenchymal stromal cell preparations.

  9. action of agonist anti-4-1BB (show TNFRSF9 Antibodies) in suppressing autoimmune and allergic inflammation was completely dependent on Galectin-9 (Gal-9). Gal-9 directly bound to 4-1BB (show TNFRSF9 Antibodies), in a site distinct from the binding site of antibodies and the natural ligand of 4-1BB (show TNFRSF9 Antibodies)

  10. Tim-3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies)/galectin-9 pathway plays a critical role in the homeostasis of hepatic Tregs through the elimination induction in Teffs and the inhibition of IFN-gamma (show IFNG Antibodies) release.

Human Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 (LGALS9) interaction partners

  1. Our data suggest a role of galectin-9 in regulating HIV transcription and viral production in vivo during therapy

  2. these data suggest that the high Tim-3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies) expression in monocytes could be utilized by tumor-promoting Gal-9 expression on CD4 (show CD4 Antibodies)(+) T cells

  3. this study shows that in osteosarcoma patients, Tim3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies) expression did not directly mediate immune suppression, but the interaction between Tim3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies)+ T cells and monocytes, naive CD4 (show CD4 Antibodies)+ T cells, and Gal9-expressing CD4 (show CD4 Antibodies)+ CD25 (show IL2RA Antibodies)+ Tregs could resulting in progressive suppression of Th1 (show TH1L Antibodies) responses

  4. The human recombinant galectin-9 has demonstrated anti-cancer activities, including inducing apoptosis in hematological, dermatological and gastrointestinal malignancies. In this review, the molecular characteristics, history and apoptosis-inducing potential of galectin-9 are described. [review]

  5. Results showed that in acute febrile phase, galectin-9 and galectin-3BP were induced in dengue patients compared to healthy controls suggesting that both molecules might be important inflammatory mediators in acute dengue virus infection.

  6. In this review, we summarize the latest knowledge on the structure, receptors, cellular targets, trafficking pathways and functional properties of galectin-9 and discuss how galectin-9-mediated signalling cascades can be exploited in cancers and immunotherapies

  7. this study shows that the levels of expression of Gal-9 on CD4 (show CD4 Antibodies)+ T cells, CD8 (show CD8A Antibodies)+ T cells, CD56 (show NCAM1 Antibodies)+ T cells and in serum in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus are significantly higher than those of healthy controls

  8. In a genetic analysis of heavy consumers of alcohol, the authors associated 2 single-nucleotide polymorphisms in LGALS9 with the development of advanced alcoholic liver disease.

  9. The integrative analysis of galectins(Gal-1 (show LGALS1 Antibodies), -3, -4, -9) discriminated IBD from other intestinal inflammatory conditions and could be used as potential mucosal biomarker.

  10. Gal-9 suppresses the growth of GBC, possibly by inducing apoptosis and altering miRNA expression

Cow (Bovine) Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 (LGALS9) interaction partners

  1. The Tim-3 (show HAVCR2 Antibodies)/Gal-9 pathway might link disease progression with T cell exhaustion during bovine leukemia virus infection.

  2. The relative abundance of PIBF (show PIBF1 Antibodies), LGALS1 (show LGALS1 Antibodies), LGALS3 (show LGALS2 Antibodies), LGALS3BP (show LGALS3BP Antibodies), and LGALS9 mRNA would display a differential expression pattern in the endometrium.

Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 9 (LGALS9) Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

The galectins are a family of beta-galactoside-binding proteins implicated in modulating cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. The protein encoded by this gene is an S-type lectin. It is overexpressed in Hodgkin's disease tissue and might participate in the interaction between the H&RS cells with their surrounding cells and might thus play a role in the pathogenesis of this disease and/or its associated immunodeficiency. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants have been found for this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with LGALS9

  • lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 9 (lgals9) antibody
  • zgc:92326 (zgc:92326) antibody
  • lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 9 (LGALS9) antibody
  • galectin-9 (LOC100350347) antibody
  • galectin-9-like (LOC100728329) antibody
  • lectin, galactose binding, soluble 9 (Lgals9) antibody
  • lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 9 (Lgals9) antibody
  • AA407335 antibody
  • AI194909 antibody
  • AI265545 antibody
  • ecalectin antibody
  • gal-9 antibody
  • galectin-9 antibody
  • HUAT antibody
  • Lgals5 antibody
  • LGALS9 antibody
  • LGALS9A antibody
  • LGALS35 antibody
  • UAT antibody
  • UATP.I antibody
  • wu:fd20c09 antibody
  • zgc:111833 antibody

Protein level used designations for LGALS9

lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 9 , galactoside-binding soluble lectin 9 , galectin 9 , lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 9 (galectin 9) , galectin-9 , lectin, galactose binding, soluble 5 , ecalectin , gal-9 , tumor antigen HOM-HD-21 , urate transporter/channel protein , 36 kDa beta-galactoside-binding lectin , Lectin galactose binding soluble 9 (Galectin-9) , Lectin, galactose binding, soluble 9 (Galectin-9) , UAT , urate transporter/channel , urate transporter , urate transporter/channel protein, isoform (UATp,i)

733366 Xenopus laevis
100145704 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
327284 Danio rerio
454519 Pan troglodytes
100350347 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100728329 Cavia porcellus
16859 Mus musculus
3965 Homo sapiens
25476 Rattus norvegicus
442861 Canis lupus familiaris
396972 Sus scrofa
510813 Bos taurus
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