Perilipin 4 (PLIN4) ELISA Kits

Members of the perilipin family, such as PLIN4, coat intracellular lipid storage droplets (Wolins et al., 2003 [PubMed 12840023]).[supplied by OMIM, Feb 2010].. Additionally we are shipping PLIN4 Antibodies (28) and PLIN4 Proteins (3) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
PLIN4 729359 Q96Q06
PLIN4 57435 O88492
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Mouse 0.055 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL 96 Tests Log in to see 15 to 17 Days
Human 0.117 ng/mL 0.312-20 ng/mL 96 Tests Log in to see 15 to 17 Days

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Human Perilipin 4 (PLIN4) interaction partners

  1. PLIN2 (show PLIN2 ELISA Kits)-PLIN5 (show PLIN5 ELISA Kits) proteins were all more abundant in women than in men (p = 0.037 and p < 0.0001, respectively), consistent with higher intramyocellular lipid content observed in female skeletal muscle.

  2. we found a significant association between one single-nucleotide polymorphism in PLIN4 and height but not with bone traits

  3. These results suggest variation at the PLIN4 locus, and its interaction with PUFA as a modulator of obesity related phenotypes, acts in part through creation of a miR (show MLXIP ELISA Kits)-522 regulatory site

  4. Those findings indicate improvement and conservation of lifestyle depending on genetic predisposition in ADIPOQ (show ADIPOQ ELISA Kits), PLIN (show PLIN1 ELISA Kits) and LIPE (show LIPE ELISA Kits) should be encouraged.

  5. Characterization of homologous mouse gene product, plasma membrane associated protein, S3-12.

Mouse (Murine) Perilipin 4 (PLIN4) interaction partners

  1. Loss of Plin4 has no effect on body weight or composition or on adipose mass or development. Triacylglycerol (TAG) content in the heart is markedly reduced. The heart of Plin4(-/-) mice displays reduced Plin5 (show PLIN5 ELISA Kits) mRNA and protein levels.

  2. Adipocyte protein S3-12 coats nascent lipid droplets.

  3. Direct regulation of perilipin (show PLIN1 ELISA Kits) and S3-12 by PPAR-gamma (show PPARG ELISA Kits) may to be important mediator of prolonged treatment with PPAR-gamma (show PPARG ELISA Kits) activators: insulin (show INS ELISA Kits) sensitization, fatty acid trapping in adipose tissue, reduced basal adipose lipolysis, and weight gain.

  4. the non-lipid droplet pools of S3-12, adipophilin (show PLIN2 ELISA Kits), and TIP47 (show PLIN3 ELISA Kits) constitute a ready reservoir of coat proteins to permit rapid packaging of newly synthesized triacylglycerol and to maximize energy storage during nutrient excess

PLIN4 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Members of the perilipin family, such as PLIN4, coat intracellular lipid storage droplets (Wolins et al., 2003

Gene names and symbols associated with Perilipin 4 (PLIN4) ELISA Kits

  • perilipin 4 (PLIN4) antibody
  • perilipin 4 (Plin4) antibody
  • KIAA1881 antibody
  • mKIAA1881 antibody
  • PLIN4 antibody
  • S3-12 antibody

Protein level used designations for Perilipin 4 (PLIN4) ELISA Kits

perilipin 4 , perilipin-4-like , adipocyte protein S3-12 , perilipin-4 , plasma membrane associated protein, S3-12

491467 Canis lupus familiaris
693610 Macaca mulatta
100484393 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100524667 Sus scrofa
729359 Homo sapiens
510990 Bos taurus
57435 Mus musculus
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