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Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha Proteins (HNF4A)
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CG9310, dHNF-4, dHNF4, Dmel\\CG9310, DmHNF4, fb58h09, Hnf-4, HNF-4(D), HNF-4alpha, Hnf-4h, hnf4, HNF4A, HNF4a7, HNF4a8, HNF4a9, Hnf4alpha, id:ibd1279, MODY, MODY1, nr2a1, NR2A4, NR2A21, TCF, TCF14, wu:fb58h09
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
HNF4A 15378 P49698
HNF4A 25735 P22449
HNF4A 3172 P41235

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Top referenced HNF4A Proteins

  1. Human HNF4A Protein expressed in HEK-293 Cells - ABIN2722902 : Ning, Koh, Pan, Jeong: Hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF) 4α transactivation of cytochrome P450 (Cyp) 2d40 promoter is enhanced during pregnancy in mice. in Biochemical pharmacology 2015 (PubMed)

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Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha (HNF4A) interaction partners

  1. Drosophila HNF4 mutants display diabetic phenotypes similar to those of sir2 (show SIRT1 Proteins) mutants, and protein levels for dHNF4 are reduced in sir2 (show SIRT1 Proteins) mutant animals. Sir2 (show SIRT1 Proteins) exerts these effects by deacetylating and stabilizing dHNF4 through protein interactions.

  2. Results support a feed-forward model for dHNF4, in which fatty acids released from triglycerides activate the receptor, inducing enzymes that drive fatty acid oxidation for energy production.

Mouse (Murine) Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha (HNF4A) interaction partners

  1. HNF4alpha regulates homeostatic proliferation in the gastric epithelium and is both necessary and sufficient for the upstream regulation of the Xbp1-->Mist1 axis in maintenance of zymogen cell secretory architecture.

  2. These results suggest that down-regulation of HNF4alpha could be of importance in beta-cell dysfunction by hypoxia.

  3. Hnf4a expression during embryonic stem cell differentiation

  4. Cyp1b1 (show CYP1B1 Proteins) affects external control of mouse hepatocytes, fatty acid homeostasis and signaling involving HNF4alpha and PPARalpha (show PPARA Proteins).

  5. HNF-4alpha regulated miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-122 contributes to development of the gluconeogenic and lipid metabolism alterations observed in Type 2 diabetic mice and in palmitate-treated HepG2 cells

  6. The results revealed the novel mechanism by which HNF-4alpha promoted ChREBP (show MLXIPL Proteins) transcription in response to glucose, and also demonstrated that ChREBP (show MLXIPL Proteins)-alpha and HNF-4alpha synergistically increased ChREBP (show MLXIPL Proteins)-beta transcription.

  7. Berberine has an effect on hepatic gluconeogenesis and lipid metabolism and is mediated through HNF-4alpha and regulated downstream of miR122

  8. Diminished XBP1 (show XBP1 Proteins) and/or HNF4alpha in beta-cells led to impaired endoplasmic reticulum calcium homeostasis.

  9. In conclusion, our study revealed a novel mechanism by which TSH regulated the hepatic HNF-4alpha subcellular localization.

  10. an integrated analytic strategy was applied to identify the HNF4alpha-centered regulatory network.

Human Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha (HNF4A) interaction partners

  1. HNF4alpha upregulated the expression of liver glutaminase 2 (show GLS2 Proteins) in HepG2 cells

  2. The Mexican genome-wide association study signal for high serum triglycerides on chromosome 18q11.2 harbors a regulatory single-nucleotide polymorphism, rs17259126, which disrupts normal hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha binding and decreases the expression of the regional TMEM241 gene. Our data suggest that decreased transcript levels of TMEM241 contribute to increased triglyceride levels in Mexicans.

  3. The HNF4alpha-knockdown-induced stimulation of hepcidin (show HAMP Proteins) could be entirely blocked when BMPR1A (show BMPR1A Proteins) was interfered with at the same time.

  4. Direct induction of hepatocyte-like cells from immortalized human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by overexpression of HNF4a has been reported.

  5. Data redefine p.R114W as a pathogenic mutation that causes a distinct clinical subtype of HNF4A MODY with reduced penetrance, reduced sensitivity to sulfonylurea treatment, and no effect on birth weight.

  6. Renal Fanconi syndrome represents the only HNF4A feature showing complete penetrance. Our cases suggest that the p.R63W HNF4A mutation must be considered in subjects with a normal birth weight and postulate the possibility of liver involvement as a part of this condition.

  7. HNF-4alpha regulated miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-122 contributes to development of the gluconeogenic and lipid metabolism alterations observed in Type 2 diabetic mice and in palmitate-treated HepG2 cells

  8. HNF4alpha regulated CES1 (show CES1 Proteins) expression by directly binding to the proximal promoter of CES1 (show CES1 Proteins).

  9. Epigenetic alterations of the newly identified genes MC4R (show MC4R Proteins) and HNF4a in early life might contribute to metabolic profile changes, especially increased triglyceride levels, in the cord blood of preterm infants.

  10. HNF4A mutations can be associated with Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young and Congenital Hyperinsulinism. Dual phenotype observed in the neonatal period progressing to diabetes in adulthood with prolonged episodes of hypoglycaemia.

Pig (Porcine) Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha (HNF4A) interaction partners

  1. HNF4 positively regulates pUPII gene promoter activity.

Cow (Bovine) Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha (HNF4A) interaction partners

  1. Tetra-primer ARMS-PCR identifies the novel genetic variations of bovine HNF-4alpha gene associating with growth traits.

  2. Results show that chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter transcription factor (show NR2F1 Proteins) II (COUP-TFII (show NR2F2 Proteins)), hepatocyte nuclear factor 4alpha (HNF-4alpha) and HNF-4gamma regulate growth hormone receptor (show GHR Proteins) 1A promoter activity through binding to a common DNA element

HNF4A Protein Profile

Protein Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a nuclear transcription factor which binds DNA as a homodimer. The encoded protein controls the expression of several genes, including hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 alpha, a transcription factor which regulates the expression of several hepatic genes. This gene may play a role in development of the liver, kidney, and intestines. Mutations in this gene have been associated with monogenic autosomal dominant non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type I. Alternative splicing of this gene results in multiple transcript variants encoding several different isoforms.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with HNF4A

  • hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha (HNF4A)
  • hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha (hnf4a)
  • Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 (Hnf4)
  • hepatic nuclear factor 4, alpha (Hnf4a)
  • hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha (LOC100345457)
  • hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha (Hnf4a)
  • CG9310 protein
  • dHNF-4 protein
  • dHNF4 protein
  • Dmel\\CG9310 protein
  • DmHNF4 protein
  • fb58h09 protein
  • Hnf-4 protein
  • HNF-4(D) protein
  • HNF-4alpha protein
  • Hnf-4h protein
  • hnf4 protein
  • HNF4A protein
  • HNF4a7 protein
  • HNF4a8 protein
  • HNF4a9 protein
  • Hnf4alpha protein
  • id:ibd1279 protein
  • MODY protein
  • MODY1 protein
  • nr2a1 protein
  • NR2A4 protein
  • NR2A21 protein
  • TCF protein
  • TCF14 protein
  • wu:fb58h09 protein

Protein level used designations for HNF4A

hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha , hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha , hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha-like , hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha , CG9310-PA , CG9310-PB , CG9310-PD , CG9310-PE , Hnf4-PA , Hnf4-PB , Hnf4-PD , Hnf4-PE , hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 , hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 homologue , HNF-4-alpha , HNF4 alpha , HNF4alpha10 , HNF4alpha11 , HNF4alpha12 , Nuclear receptor 2A1 , TCF-14 , nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group A member 1 , transcription factor 14 , transcription factor HNF-4 , alpha transcription factor 4 , hepatic nuclear factor 4, alpha , HNF4alpha10/11/12 , hepatic nuclear factor 4 alpha , hepatic nuclear factor 4 , NR2A1 , hepatic nuclear factor 4alpha , nuclear receptor

458269 Pan troglodytes
100023834 Monodelphis domestica
100056007 Equus caballus
100402825 Callithrix jacchus
100528306 Ictalurus punctatus
100534656 Ovis aries
100593478 Nomascus leucogenys
44544 Drosophila melanogaster
15378 Mus musculus
100345457 Oryctolagus cuniculus
25735 Rattus norvegicus
3172 Homo sapiens
485884 Canis lupus familiaris
733636 Sus scrofa
509200 Bos taurus
322358 Danio rerio
379762 Xenopus laevis
100713275 Cavia porcellus
419198 Gallus gallus
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