HSV ICP27 antibody

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Herpes simplex Virus (HSV)
Clonality (Clone)
Monoclonal ()
Immunofluorescence (IF), Western Blotting (WB)
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Clone H1113
Isotype IgG1 kappa
Characteristics Mouse monoclonal antibody to ICP27 of Herpes Simplex Virus. This antibody originates from ascites fluids and is purified by protein G agarose affinity chromatography.
Purification Protein G agarose affinity chromatography
Background Herpes simplex virus (HSV) ICP27 (Infected cell polypeptide 27) is an essential and multifunctional regulator of viral gene expression that modulates RNA splicing,polyadenylation, and nuclear export. ICP27 Belongs to the herpes viruses UL69 family. It is involved in the down-regulation of viral immediate-early genes and acts incombination with ICP0 and ICP4 as an activator of late genes. Alternate Names: anti-Herpes simplex virus 1 ICP27 antibody, anti-Herpes simplex virus 1 transcriptional regulator IE63 antibody, anti-Herpes simplex virus 2 ICP27 antibody, anti-Herpessimplex virus 2 transcriptional regulator IE63 antibody
Research Area Virology
Application Notes Reactive with ICP27 of Herpes Simplex Virus in immunofluorescence (IFA) and western blot at 10 ug/ml.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Concentration 1.0 mg/ml
Buffer Phosphate Buffered Saline pH 7.4 (no azide)
Preservative Azide free
Storage -20 °C
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